Friday, 6 August 2010

Through the Windows of Time


Friday 6.8.2010=26/8 Almost one week into the August and as it promised the energies are so much more at ease and offering rewards of infinite possibilities.  Utilising the energies in their most positive is showering gifts upon us that is lifting us up and beyond.  Today holds bountiful energy full of good news.  A very karmic day so make sure all you do is in the highest good of all, and just watch as the rewards for your past efforts flow into your life with ease; it’s a good day to buy a lotto ticket, spend time with loved ones and generally be grateful for all you have achieved and received, not just today but always.  The next 3 days have super significance in regards to our skies and the Grand Cross  and a rare planetary alignment that began to form in the skies from March in 2008.  I remember LUXOR Light in Egypt at the time sitting in the desert meditating on these energies.  We saw how it created within some, "feelings" of chaos and how others "saw" chaos, of course seeing the refection of their own image in the mirror.  Those energies are around us again over the next 3 days so it’s a good time to be in quiet space.  Because today holds such a strong karmic influence it is important to be aware of the energies of the Grand Cross and try to find your place of stillness.  A good link to read about the Grand Cross  -

Saturday 7.8.2010=27/9 A good day to spend time with your father or create with our Heavenly Father.  There is a need to tidy up loose ends here and in particular with the father figure in your life.  There is an opportunity to create something from pure inspiration so I would suggest doing a mandala! Or draw, dance, paint, sing yourself into creating a masterpiece.  Meditation is the flavour of the day and be thankful of all the things you have managed to bring to completion.  Wear golds, orange and violet.

Sunday 8.8.2010=28/10 A very powerful day to be honoured in every way, full of infinite possibilities and infinite rewards.  What seeds have you sown?  Because today will show you what you sow, so shall you reap.  This is a very powerful day offering incredible new initiatives if you have sown well.   Now if I suggested a lotto ticket earlier on, and if that didn’t come in then this vibration is even more powerful... a good day for newsagencies haha!!  They shall surely reap!!  The colour theme is red, with hints of orange and magenta, but my suggestion is stick with the magenta as it carries red within it and it is very strong in today’s vibration.  Think Pink!!

Monday 9.8.2010=29/11 A master day of tying the knot on opportunities that have come about because you played your cards right.  There are a few little tests around but you should have that in the bag because you are well prepared to meet any challenge that may present itself.  This is the month of infinite possibilities so anything can happen.  The key is to stay focused, balanced and ready to welcome what is being presented to you.  Lots to learn today!  Go green and bring in a little orange and gold.

Tuesday 10.8.2010=30/3 I love 3 days, full of joy and accomplishment.  Today in particular should bring about something joyous, fresh and should prove to be a happy day in the home.  All is complete today, it’s the trinity, rise up and spread your wings and grasp the joy be willing to share your happiness with others.  Yellow is your colour for today.
Wednesday 11.8.2010=31/4 or a minor 22 day; Don’t waste time today, while there may be a few tests and trials around you can actually put them to really good use.  Find a way to make something out of the energies for today.  Simply put - be  “efficient” because there is ample opportunity here for you to push yourself to the degree that you need to accomplish something and feel good about it.  So whether that be in the garden or at work or wherever, make sure at the end of the day you can say “I did it”.  Colour theme is Green with yellow and red..... a touch of it all really.  Use the green to keep you balanced, yellow to put your thinking cap on and red to give you a boost and get things done!  Enjoy...

Thursday 12.8.2010=32/5 this is a beautiful vibration and should bring you some good news.  It’s fun, creative and peaceful all rolled up in one.  You have the divine power in your hand today but be alert that things are not always as they seem.  Just don’t act too quickly while at the same time enjoying the energies that are around you.  An intriguing day and It’s Blue, yellow and orange... sounds fun filled to me!

Talk next week

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