Monday, 9 August 2010

So What is Up in LUXOR Light

What is up in LUXOR Light?  Tonight my heart is filled with gratitude, love and admiration for all of you who have traveled with me on this journey of LUXOR Light. I want to thank firstly those who are a part of the core group that have shown me so much support and are still treading this path with me and into the new work of Ametron Truth.  I want to thank the new participants who have come in and who have so easily adapted to the energy and so willingly accepted us, a group who have worked together for many years now.  You are an integral part of the picture and I am blessed that you found us.  I want to thank all who have taken part in LUXOR Light over the years and who have stayed in touch and followed along with my blog posts, emails and writings and those of you who have literally traveled with me to Egypt.
So what is up in LUXOR Light?  
The time has finally arrived that we are now given the story behind the creation of the energy and where it comes from and how it originated and this process has been given a name and that name is "Ametron Truth".  This is a new journey but not separate from LUXOR Light they are one and the same.  They are the Divine counterparts of each other.  They are completion and continuum and never ceasing.  
The birth of Ametron Truth began in Cairo on the return of my last trip to Egypt and an incredible journey has unfolded since, no less incredible than the birthing of LUXOR Light in March of 2004.  
I want to give my thanks and show my gratitude to the group of 14 who are bringing together the new work, the work of Ametron Truth.  The Truth behind LUXOR Light that was not shown until we could see it, until we proved that we trusted the energy and as is always said "You will see it when you believe it".  And we believe it and have proven that and now we shall see it.  Thank you Thank you Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, for trusting me and believing in me - in LUXOR Light.  We are seeing the immense changes, the immense growth and the incredible unfoldments for each of us as we shine the Light, the LUXOR Light and we work the Truth, Ametron Truth.
I will share more of "Ametron Truth" soon but for now I simply wanted to express what is in my heart to LUXOR Light and all who have come this far with me and all of you who have followed along in the background for you are never forgotten.  And most importantly to those of you who put your hands up to come in to experience the new level of the Fifth Element and the journey of the Mystic with Ametron Truth.
The journey has only just begun.....................

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  1. Great stuff, im glad to be apart of LUXOR Light and Ametron Truth, Thankyou to you for showing the way of the truth and Love n light for us all,Blessings linda


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