Sunday, 22 August 2010

10:10 Egypt

We still have room on board the dahabieh if you would like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity ........

ChristinA is known as an "Encodement Key", having spontaneously activated into the Higher Elements of Consciousness in March 2004.  Two years later, she spontaneously began to speak in the Language of Light passing on messages of the Masters that resonate within the individual at the Soul level.  Two years later  ChristinA again spontaneously began to channel the sounds of Light that heal at the deepest levels clearing blockages and gently opening the pathways of ones purpose. 
Christina's Egyptian spiritual partner and husband Ashraf is the newly chosen Holy Man of Luxor, chosen by the elderly Holy Man as the one to carry on the role of local wise man and healer.  Ashraf also holds Keys of Awakening and will be travelling with us on this journey.  You will have the opportunity to receive healing from ChristinA and Ashraf receiving Keys, codes and teachings that have been passed on to them through the Masters that work alongside them into 2012

This is ChristinA's 11th trip of taking groups and individuals on Spiritual Journeys through Egypt - You are in Good hands.  
We sail aboard the Luxury 45ft Twin Sail Nile Heaven II.  
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