Friday, 30 July 2010

Through the Windows of Time

Abundant Universe
Synchronise your internal clocks with the window of time as the ancients did and tap into the energies of the Universe to manifest during the powerful portals available to us when we know how to use them......................

Well August is almost upon us and we are set for a much speedier month full of blessed opportunities here.  Be sure you give yourself enough space to accomplish all this month has on offer.  It's a karmic month full of abundance, forgiveness adn accdeptance - utilise it for the most!

Friday 30.7.2010=49/13 A day of Transformations if you play your cards right.  Today is an all or nothing day but I would suggest you make it the All.  With the 3 and the 7 this is a very mystical day full of magic and creation.  Today you can put your self to the test and allow yourself to move through the ups and downs but remind yourself this is a very temporary phase.  Today you might feel up one minute and down the next, just remind yourself that it will shift and this really is a day of realisation.  Release all you cares and worries because today with the 3 and the 7 powering the 13 you are given the opportunity to really accept yourself totally and this should be done with gratitude and bless every aspect that you are and all that you have.  Today is made of magic, how will you use it??  The colour is deep violet, very mysterious.

Saturday 31.7.2010=50/5 Oh no our month of rest and contemplation is over!! Today brings with it change but more importantly this is spiritual change, you could say the transformations of yesterday are beginning to show.  There is a newness about today, a spark of excitement at the idea of the changes about to come forth.  Could today be the day that marks your ultimate Freedom??  It could be... bask in the freshness and expansiveness of what lies ahead of you.
The colour theme for the day is Blue like the sky.... free and expanded.

Sunday 1.8.2010=21/3 Happy happy happy, joy to the world for creation itself speaks to us in messages of great love.  Set your goals because this month is one of reaping rewards.  Intend to create joy this month, intend to be forgiving and be accepting of all who come your way.  Be organised because this month could very well be full of surprises.  Today all you need to do is enjoy and place your focus on the joys that are about to befall you.  The universe is supporting this and offers you the infinite supply if you allow yourself to receive.  Be in the flow with yellow, orange and a little snippet of red.

Monday 2.8.2010=22  Oh boy, what a mighty day it is today!  Dare those mighty deeds for you and for the world.  Set to reaping those rewards and share them around.  Be helpful and offer others a helping hand the rewards are in it for you but don't do it for that reason.  Create create create, off you go and set to building something new for you, or maybe the world!  Ruby Red is the colour theme today - magic.

Tuesday 3.8.2010=23/5  Come on clear those vocal cords.  Sing, whistle, hum, it looks set to be a great day.  Change is always good and today in particular you should see some pretty happy ones coming into play.  If it's not looking that way, make the effort to tune into the universal energies and ask to feel a little of the joyousness that is certainly being made available to you.  Life always dishes out a few crappy moments, but it's up to us to shift beyond it and tap into the joy.  It's the joy that will expand our consciousness.  Feel it and by singing and being joyous you can literally feel the expansion!  If you are happy and you know it sing a song!  That's the theme of today, be like the little child.  Wear blue, orange and yellow - that should do it!

Wednesday 4.8.2010=24/6 Now there you go, look what the universe gave you because you were so happy yesterday.  A little dash of love.  But not just love, this is the kind of love we all want all the time.  The heart is open wide, and it is filled with unconditional, infinite, universal mother love.  A brilliant day for relationships!  Colour is the mystique of indigo but brightened up with orange and just to stay in balance some green.  

Thursday 5.8.2010=25/7 Wow it's been a full on week, you could take a rest now.  The changes are here and you really need to give them some time to settle.  Make sure you meditate and give your thanks today for the abundant supplies that are oozing in your direction this month.  Today would be a good day to get together with some like minded friends and talk your talk, maybe even go out somewhere or take a short drive somewhere and enjoy what the countryside has to offer.  Blessed be, whatever you do give your thanks.  It's a violet day trimmed with orange and blue.

Until next week
I am Ametron

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