Friday, 23 July 2010

Through the Windows of Time


Synchronise your internal clocks with the windows of time as the ancients did and tap into the energies of the Universe to manifest during the powerful portals available to us when we know how to use them...............................

July is winding down so try to take the time and place your focus on going into meditation every day for the rest of the month.  If you can place a little more attention toward this you will be well rewarded to go into August which is a month of reaping rewards and holds quite a karmic element.  Be well prepared to receive and take my advice and take some chill time for the close of July.............

Friday 23.7.2010 = 42/6 This is often referred to as a love vibration, one that is perfect for marriage and all that gooey stuff.  Coupled with the 23 this can also mean change around your relationships and should be a joyous day to enjoy with your partner and family in general.  I would set some time aside for quiet contemplation to give blessings for all the joyous times spent in union with loved ones.  If this is your birthday, it should be a wonderful year ahead for you!
Colour theme for the day is Indigo with hints of green and orange.

Saturday 24.7.2010 = 43/7 There is an element of love around this day, finding it, having it or trusting that you will find it. A day for rest and meditation to count your blessings for the love that is in your life and feeling the joy that is in the heart when one has faith that all is as it should be; divinely orchestrated and totally in the flow and knowing that we create our own destiny through our willingness to and work toward our chosen goals. It’s a Heaven sent day enjoy it and don’t forget to show your gratitude.  Colour theme is violet with green and yellow

Sunday 25.7.2010 = 44 This is the stuff magic is made of.  Today you can reach those higher aspects of your mind that bring clarity and gives you the answers you may have been looking for.  July is the month for meditation so make sure you give yourself that time today because this is the energy of perfection and by using your disciplined nature you can weave through the mysteries of life and come out the other end transformed for for the better.  Colour to keep you in the magic is white gold.

Monday 26.7.2010 = 45/9  Time to tie up loose ends, and if you took my advice yesterday then you would be very clear about what needs to stay and what needs to go.  There is an element of truth here that simply pours from your heart and you just know you have to let go of certain things in your life.  Making room gives you the opportunity to allow in the abundance that is being offered to you and placed right in front of you.  Family and loved ones are playing a role in this one and you may find that you need to tidy up your relationships with some of them.  It's a good time for forgiveness, letting go and simply allowing yourself to realise that you have come full circle in some situations and you need to make the decision if you want to go around again.  Colour theme is Gold with green and blue like the sky.

Tuesday 27.7.2010 = 46/10  Today shines brighter but you may find you need a little rest.  It's chill time really because there are many new things on the horizon with this energy.  Today you have a good balance of heart and mind and find it easy to "think with your heart".  All good decisions are made when you can do this.  There is a birth about to take place here and it will come about from an "aha" moment.  Yep, you guessed it ... you should be meditating again!!  But not all day, this day must be savoured in every way and is certainly a good day to spend with your loved one or maybe even meet one.  A Happy Day to be sure.  Colour theme is red but with a good dash of green and indigo if you are red sensitive.

Wednesday 28.7.2010 = 47/11 It seems we are having a good day bad day pattern.  Not that this necessarily needs to be a bad day, but it could be a little testing.  The 11's often gives us tests and trials and so you may find a few little surprise in store for you today, but all in all they should be good ones and your finances may even show an improve.  This is a day of quick and sudden events so try not to allow for the emotions to get too involved.  colour theme is silver or lime green, take your pick.

Thursday 29.7.2010 = 48/3  This should be a nice successful day with maybe a little twist with a challenge or two thrown in just for the fun of it.  Stay balanced and at the close of the day give your thanks for all you have gained.  You should have an little extra wisdom peeking through that you can be thankful for, make sure you give your blessings.  Colour theme is yellow with green and magenta!

I'm going to leave it here this week and I will come back to you next week.
Have a great week 
Many blessings

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