Sunday, 4 July 2010


With change comes growth and with growth comes change.  LUXOR Light has been waiting for some years for the changes within the populace to come to the point where we could move into the new changes.  We have been stepping too far forward for a while, but now the time is right and the changes are being made manifest.  
Yesterday 3 July, 2010 a global 22 day  the new programme "Merging into Oneness" began.  A new modality, a new way, and a new essence.  The fifth essence, the quintessence all the elements - Ether bringing forth sounds of Light working at the purest level of Truth - Ametron Truth.
The name Ametron means without measure or infinite and as we are stepping up and into the fifth dimension,  we begin to come into an age of Illumined Truth, of integrity and we are merging into Oneness and a state of Peace and we are now able to access the infinite potential within us all.
LUXOR Light holds the building blocks to change, the new ways and is the catalyst for rising up and out of the chaos, disorder and now offers us the Capstone of consciousness.  While holding all four elements earth, air, fire, water and the fifth element of ether,  we come to the point of growth expressed through all these healing elements and then focus on the fifth element, the quintessence of all, the purest and finest essence of Truth, the eternal alchemical essence of Light and Sound.
Ametron Truth holding the stillness and bringing the state of calm, the state of Be-ing.


  1. Hello Christina,
    I began listening to the sound healing today.
    I will finish by July 11th which is supposedly a very powerful day. I am interested in seeing what happens. I did have a reaction at the heart chakra and the brow chakra. I will keep you informed for feedback. Thank you.

  2. Just to let everyone know, I received sound healing from Christina and have been listening to it for 6 days, twice a day. The before and after reports were incredible but what is more important is my perception. I had many different reactions while listening to the sounds so I knew something was happening. I have had a very good week, full of peace and clarity and energy (and this while most people around me were having problems with the energies).
    I am off on a trip to visit my family in the States and also to Mayanlands in Mexico and I feel absolutely as though this healing has brought me somewhere just right to move forward.
    I will let you know how things play out, but my overall feeling is that something was cleared at a very deep level.
    Thanks Christina !!!!!
    love Cathy


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