Friday, 9 July 2010


Synchronise your internal clocks with the windows of time as the ancients did and tap into the energies of the Universe to manifest during the powerful portals available to us when we know how to use them...............................

The last week has been very intense with reports of the energies bringing nausea and great tiredness.  The upcoming fortnight  is full of powerful energy days in particular the Total Solar Eclipse on Sunday and we also have a window from the 12 - 22 July that should not be taken for granted.  If we were to be in the stillness last fortnight, this fortnight is more about building... so let's set to it.

If any of these days are your birthday, this is the general theme of your year until your next birthday... so happy birthday Cancerians!

Friday 9.7.2010 = 28/10  Today is a bountiful day when you release the things that are overloading you at present.  This will enable the flow of abundance to come forth and allow you to welcome the newness the day is offering you.  It is full of opportunity and creativity.  This is a day to forgive and forget, to count our blessings and give thanks to our Beloved Mother Earth for all the support she has given us and continues to give to us unconditionally.  Take time to initiate a blessing on her behalf.
Colour theme is Red and a dash of orange and magenta!! wow what an energetic day this one is.... don't over dose with the red!

Saturday 10.7.2010 =29/11 Today's energy brings the opportunity of Master proportions entry into  a new cycle of tests that can bring about great spiritual reward.  This is a learning vibration, so see any challenges as exactly that, one to gain great learning from.  There will be opportunities coming your way especially if you give yourself time to sit and commune with God and allow the flow to come to you.  In fact that is the them of this entire month.... trust, flow, and meditation.  Today the opportunity is there to set your intentions to the God force and simply place it in the flow of the universe.  Surrender yourself to the challeges because there is no point fighting them.  Accept them and look at the bigger picture because things are not always as they seem.  You may have to look at your mirror today, so love it, it's here to tell you a story !!
Colour theme Green and more green to assist you with the flow, but to add a dash of orange and gold will make it more enjoyable!

Sunday 11.7.2010 = 30/3 This is the Trinity Energy and we are set to experience a total solar eclipse.  The energies are bound to be powerful today.  This really is the energy of perfection when all things can come to fruition that you have been waiting for.  A day of prayers answered.  You may find you feel a little tested with the 11 energy here, but being in your stillness with turn that into opportunity and growth and harnessing the flow of the month.  This is a fresh energy, birthing newness on your soul journey.  
Colour theme is yellows!!!  Happy Happy Happy

Monday 12.7.2010=31/4 (minor 22) Build!!!  Today is a great day for harnessing the new energies of the Total Solar Eclipse and set to building foundations of whatever it is that you feel you wish to start anew with.  It's time to build your tower of strength, creativity, new life. Draw a circle and inside write, draw or colour your new life.  Place all the intentions that you wish to bring forth.  Today is the day for that.
Colour theme is Green and dashes of yellow and red.  If you find it hard to get started... wear red!

Tuesday 13/7/2010=32/5  Truth and mastery over the lower nature.  There is a strong element of transformation here today with the 13 energy, and you may also realise that you just might feel like doing nothing but then again you may find the day is just not long enough because you wish to do it all!!  
Colour theme is mainly blue but you can spice it up with yellow and orange to harness the fullness of the day - all blue and you will probably do nothing.

Wednesday 14/7/2010 =33  ohhh lucky lucky lucky!!!  This is a day of realising your goals and your missions.  Now by realising I really mean having the aha moments.  This day is filled with the essence of the Ascended Masters.  They are totally supporting you with realising who you are and what you are meant to be doing on this here beloved planet earth.  Open your heart with added intention today because you will certainly feel the love of the Ascended Masters around you pouring forth there love to you.  It's a day of service so do something nice for someone else.
Colour theme today is Magenta

Thursday 15/7/2010=34/7 Take a break, have a rest and give yourself some space.  Today is for you to give yourself the time to integrate all that has been going on.  Put aside at least an hour to really appreciate what you have been given and just allow the energies to settle within your field.  Know yourself today and by that I meant really love your truth because today you should acknowledge that part of you.  Acknowledge it out loud and in public if you can because the intentions will be ever so more powerful!
Colour theme is violet sprinkled with yellow and green :)

Friday 16/7/2010=35/8 Today you should really be feeling in your power and joyous about having welcomed your truth into your life and ready to accept the abundance and bounty and all the good things that can come with that.  Infinite supply is yours but don't forget to shower forgiveness and unconditional love on others especially family today and you will find your willingness to accept that all is as it should be will be even more prevalent today.
Colour theme Magenta with some yellow and blue

Saturday 17/7/2010=36/9  wow this is a good day.  Let go and trust is the theme for today.  Just allow yourself to accept the flow because it is all around you today, but you must not hold on to anything, just let what wants to go, go and what wants to come in, come in, don't allow obstacles to get in your way.  Family and self are important today so put them first but not to the extent that you are having to burdened because that will stop the flow.
Colour theme is Gold glorious gold and yellow and indigo

Sunday 18/7/2010=37/10 I love this vibration, it is full of magic and mystique.  It holds the energy of the sacred architecture of the universe and makes you want to sing dance and be merry.  Today you are offered infinite rewards and probably infinite ideas.  Keep your thoughts towards gratitude for all the good things in your life and be forgiving and shower others with unconditional love.
Colour theme is a ruby red day with happy yellow and violet

Monday 19/7/2010=38/11 Hmmm maybe a few tests and trials again today.  On the positive side you should feel joy and be totally aware and grateful for all your acquired bounty of this bountiful universe recognising the infinite blessings she bestows upon us.  But you may also find that you feel a little anxious and lacking.  If this is the case stop and refocus on the blessings you do have and focus on your dreams and your visions.  It is a good day to tidy up loose ends and make room for welcoming the flow.  This month is a great time for meditation so spend so allow a little time each day even if it is only 5 minutes to sit quietly and commune with God.  This does not mean you have to say anything, it simply means be still, be quiet and all the God force to come to you.
Colour theme for today is mainly green with a hint of yellow and magenta 

Tuesday 20/7/2010=39/3  This is a blessed day, full of joy and contentment.  It is a balanced day, one of Peace and a feeling of support of community especially your spiritual family.  The Ascended Masters are close and sending snippets of wisdom if you will only take the time to receive by going into meditation.  There is a newness about this day, a freshness that can assist you in being clear in your intentions and trusting that all will simply flow into your lap, because you deserve it.  It's a warm and glowing feeling that should be permeating your bodies this day.  Close your eyes and accept - another good day for a mandala - draw that circle, get all your colours and create your life with joy and be like the child.
Colour theme is yellows and golds - Glorious!!

Wednesday 21/7/2010=40/4 (minor 22)  Wow we have a window of opportunity happening here.    From Monday the 12th until today we have a window minor 22 energy.  This 9 day period is perfect for focusing on that which you want to build or create.  Set strong foundations and it won't hurt to actually work hard toward this for this 9 day period.  You will be well pleased with the rewards at the end of it.  Today you are really being offered the world so don't take it at face value.  If you think you missed your opportunity, think again.  Go back into meditation because remember that is what July is all about.  Go back into meditation and slip back in time to the 12th July and create in your mind all the things you wanted to accomplish and let it flow forth.  Hey, why not do another mandala lol
Colour theme is Green but if you want to harness the 22 use red

Thursday 22/7/2010 = 41/5 A power day to finish the fortnight and to really stabilise that 22 window for you.  One might think the 22 as being insignificant when it is in the minor, but today says to us not to be fooled, for the 22 is the energy of the fool but not the foolish!  It is full of innocence and pristine power.  If I can manage it I would do one of either today... work my butt off or meditate all day long.  Both will be power productive!!  I love it!  We are really setting the essence of Truth here and working the fifth element. there or be square
Colour theme is blue supported by green and red.

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