Saturday, 26 June 2010

Through the Windows of Time


Synchronise your internal clocks with the windows of time as the ancients did and tap into the energies of the Universe to manifest during the powerful portals available to us when we know how to use them...............................

The next two weeks should be a little less chaotic for us as things begin to settle down - but only if we enter into the Stillness. There has been much panic in relation to some of the global earth changes recently that I prefer not to go into, but wish to remind everyone that buying into the mass panic is not helping any cause. Staying in our centre and simply sending love to heal the earth as you would any other time is far more beneficial. The more you stay in your stillness the more chance there is of righting any imbalances. You see our own imbalance and panic will feed straight to the areas in conflict. If we all simply change our ways and add to our daily plan to send love and healing to wherever it is required on our Beloved Planet, stay out of the fear and do not panic, we can each play a vital part in the healing of our planet - but the key is in stillness. Come into your stillness and all will be well..................use the colours of the day and you will find it assists you to be in the exact moment and allows you to go with the flow of energies available to us.

Friday 25.6.2010=43/7 this day is a heart filled joyous occasion full of celebration and bounty and good fortune. The Moon is in Sagittarius and any pressure related to work should begin to turn in our favour. The rare and eternal love flowing from the Mother of the Universe is freely available and easily attainable on this day and all we have to do is be in our centre and allow it to flow into our life. This love can reshape our perspective strengthening our resolve and assisting us through our most challenging times. Colour theme - Violet with a touch of green and yellow.

Saturday 26.6.2010=44 A Master number with the power of the Higher Mind. Today we can tap into the Universal Mind and reap the answers from that highest aspect of the Self. The mind may be a little overactive so if this is the case give yourself time to sit in meditation and come to that place of stillness so you can receive the information that is trying to nudge it's way into your consciousness. It is also a very karmic vibration and it is possible that we may see repetitive patterns appearing to help us clear issues that may still be needing a little shove, or on a brighter side we may find that the energy of the angels is very obvious and presenting us with heart filled blessings. A lot of love is available and perfect for co-operating in partnerships. Colour theme - White

Sunday 27.6.2010=45/9 A day to communicate love to family and loved ones. The energy is filled with loving compassion and allows you to complete things that need tidying up. There may be some losses on this day, but it is important not to dwell on what has to go but rather appreciate the beauty in what you actually have. Trust in the creative ways the universe cleans out that which no longer serves us. Colour theme - Gold with a touch of green and blue.

Monday 28.6.2010=46/10 This day supports new beginnings in relationships, a great day to get married ... if you can muster up a quick wedding hehe. This is a really successful day and you should find that you will come up with intuitive ideas in relation to bringing more abundance into your life. Your cup floweth over on this day. Colour theme - Red with a touch of green and indigo.

Tuesday 29.6.2010=47/11 This Master number requires you to get active in bringing things into fruition. It's a challenging vibration but has the ability to really put you on a role and place you on the right track, but not if you sit back and wait for it to just happen for you. You actually have to do something on this day. Toss out anything that is hindering you, be creative, keep your heart open and intend to bring your visions into reality. Colour Theme - all green

Wednesday 30.6.2010=48/3 Ahh, what a blessed vibration this one is. All the good things come to you very easily and success is just a stretch of the hand. But don't take it for granted this is a vibration that deserves to be shown gratitude and appreciation. There is a lot of joy in relationships and it really is a good time to celebrate. Your horizons will broaden under this influence so be sure to share your bounty with others and what you sow, so shall you reap. The colour theme is Yellow with a touch of green and magenta.

Thursday 1.7.2010=20/2 The creative influence surrounding this energy may bring about changes in the way you think. There is great support from the universe and you are asked to spend some time in the silence. Trust in your new ideas as they can bring for some really creative pursuits that may bring about great change in your life. Go with the flow. The colour theme is Orange.

Friday 2.7.2010= 21/3 In the Tarot this is The World, so basically the world is your oyster under this influence. You will feel more in tune with the universal energies and the at-onement essence makes it a great day for a short trip, making changes welcoming the new. Allow yourself to be in the flow as this is a transition phase and putting up blocks in relation to change will only cause anxiety. Colour theme - Yellow with a touch of orange and red - a very physical energy you should be powering on this day!

Saturday 3.7.2010=22 Great things can be achieved with this influence. I always suggest that you make the effort to do something you have wanted to do for a long time. It doesn't matter if it is a big thing or little thing, but the important thing is that you make the intention to do something. The universe will recognise your efforts and it will power your success and set you onto bigger things. This particular day holds quite a bit of mystique and magic, utilise that energy and you should have a fun filled magical day. Colour theme - Red

Sunday 4.7.2010=23/5 A good day for travel, short or long trips, and it would also be fun to travel with a companion. This is quite an expressive vibration and has the ability to help to bring about change, but is more valuable if you share it with a friend and share ideas with each other. Bouncing ideas off another on this day will help you tap into the flow and help you to put things into perspective. Great day for building trust in friendships, and with loved ones. Colour theme - Blue with a touch of orange and yellow.

Monday 5.7.2010=24/6 Here we go, it's that ever wanted love vibration. A great day for relationships and family time. Your heart is wide open today and you are bound to feel the bliss of the Universal energies. Share the love with our Beloved Planet earth while spending some time in meditation. Don't waste this day, it's for you and it's for Mother Earth... waste not this precious day. There will be changes set ino place allow all and simply Trust and be in the flow.. Get day for travel. Colour theme - Indigo with a touch of orange and green.

Tuesday 6.7.2010=25/7 Changes are still around, and maybe it is a change of residence or a change of pace of your life, or travel. It's important today to take some time in relation to your physical health, take a walk, be sure to eat well and maybe review your diet. Rest is also important so get some sleep and better still also spend time in meditation this is a good day to tap into your Higher guidance. Colour Theme - Violet with a touch of orange and blue.

Wednesday 7.7.2010=26/8 A karmic influence is at play today and with the double 7's it is important to spend some time focusing on your physical health. Spend time in meditation and tap into your inner guidance because it the energy that supports "aha moments".Trust your inner guidance and you will find that all that all will flow and you will attract all good things into your sphere of life... maybe even a new love. Colour theme - Magenta with a touch of orange and indigo.

Thursday 8.7.2010=27/9 This is quite a powerful day and you will find that again with the influence of all these 7's you will either find that you are very easily guided or you will struggle with making decisions... tip... go into the stillness because the energy of the day is meant to be set to put you in the perfect flow of the universe bringing all the treasures of the Divine. Both Wednesday and Thursday support each other and you will find your spiritual powers are quite fine tuned on these days. Today you will notice the Divine all around you. Colour theme - Gold with a touch of orange and violet

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