Friday, 4 September 2009

The Pyramid is Rising

On Wednesday the 2nd I sent the following email out to those on my personal email list, and since then I have had some very interesting responses. If you read this post below I will include at the bottom some of the responses I have had since this post. The upcoming trip to Egypt is proving to be of great significance to me and to LUXOR Light..................

How weird is this.... today is 2.9.2009=22
I opened my emails and for some reason the emails were not in order. I kept trying to get them to show from the most recent received email, - emails from today. It wouldn't do what it was supposed to do and this email below was staring at me, not even showing on the list of emails above me. I tried to scroll to the top but it kept falling back to this email. It was an email sent out six days before I left for Egypt and Israel last year. I fly out 10 days from today for Cairo, and this email sent last year was also a 22 day!

As always these trips are of spiritual significance for myself and for LUXOR Light. 22 is always a key in significant accomplishments, so I am guessing I am being shown that once again there is something BIG about to be undertaken with this trip. Of course having 3 new practitioners qualifying is very significant but I am sure there is even more to accomplish with this trip.

I read the email below and see that I was telling the story in brief of meeting Ashraf and "not" meeting my twin soul. I have a new understanding on my twin soul and Ashraf of which is a story for another time, or maybe the significance is to do with the trip to Israel. Am I to go back to Israel?? I'm not sure what the trip has in store, but certainly I am being shown there is something coming up that I am unaware of.

We have been given some new understanding towards the way the energy of LUXOR Light works and the importance of what the meaning of a Master of energy is. We are learning constantly of how to work this energy and what the significance of LUXOR Light is. We are learning that this is a journey of magnificent proportions of which we have only begun to scrape the surface of what LUXOR Light can do for us as individuals and as a global family. I am sure there are new clues in this trip to Egypt of which I am really excited about and look forward to sharing the journey with you...................please come along on the journey with me and read the email from 12 months ago the same date as the day I fly out this year.... 12 September !

From: Christina Ritchie
Sent: Friday, 12 September, 2008 8:46:59 AM
Subject: Re: Evening of Awakening through the portal of Heart

With just 6 days to go before we fly out, there is a countdown happening, not just for myself on a holiday, but for all of us working the LUXOR Light Frequency. This is a Spiritual journey of significance for me personally, and when it is spiritually significant for me, it is significant for LUXOR Light. In October of 2006, I went on a journey of the Divine Triangle within the Middle East. This Divine Triangle is a bit of a dot to dot journey from Alexandria in Egypt, to Damascus in Syria, to Qumran in Israel. It was my second trip into Egypt, and I was clearly “called” back to the Middle East. I had only just returned from my first trip of reconnecting with my Ancient bits, following a pathway of my ancient lineage earlier in the year. In the May of 2006, I had set off to Egypt for my first reconnection. I had flown to Egypt, and then on to Flagstaff and Sedona in Arizona US and then down into the Mayalands with my daughter Claire and followed guidance through Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala, visiting the Mayan sites and cities. I returned 6 weeks later at the end of June. I had met Ashraf for a few brief moments in the Alabaster factory in Qurna, West Bank Luxor, and had left my card at the factory with some fleeting thought, that maybe one day I would be back with groups. A day later, while sitting in an internet cafe in West Bank Luxor, I had received a message from my Twin Soul to say he was not coming to Egypt to meet me. This was a shock, because I had so strongly been guided that this connection was supposed to happen while I was here and with our feet planted on the ground at the same time we would somehow anchor or reunite our energies for future work to be done. No real understanding of what was supposed to happen, just a “knowing” and a feeling of mystery around it all. I was shocked as I looked at the email, but my mobile phone beeped a message at me and I picked it up to read... “Hi I am Ashraf, know that you are with me, we see the sun NOW!” and an energy entered in through my arm that was holding the phone and ran through my body like lightening had struck. Weird, so I put the phone down and went back to look at the email. Beep again went the mobile as if it was telling me not to ignore it. I picked it up and again, same message “Hi I am Ashraf, know that you are with me, we see the sun NOW”. And the same thing... energy entered in through my arm and through my body and with a jolt it passed down and through my feet like another electric shock. Ok, now I understand.... whatever, I was supposed to do on the land of Egypt with my twin soul, was done in that brief moment with Ashraf, and we didn’t even have to be with each other. How strange all this is. Ashraf stepped in where my twin had stepped out.

That was it, I flew out of Luxor the very next morning, didn’t see Ashraf, just flew off deeply sad that I was leaving Luxor, which felt like it was my home even though I had only been there for 3 days. The incredible experiences are too numerous to mention here, that is for another day/book, but for the next 5 weeks, I received occasional messages from Ashraf that mentioned some visions he had had in dreams etc. I thought it was cute and took no real notice even though they would come at the most amazing times. I was still stuck on the fact that I didn’t meet my twin, and was still obsessed with his energy field entwined in mine....another story...........

Anyway, I arrived home in Perth in the first week of July, and began receiving regular messages from Ashraf. Again, I took no notice, even though there were weird things happening with my phone every time I received a message from him.

I had no real intention of going back to Egypt when I left because I couldn’t see the “need”, I had done what I needed to do and that was that, but a little sneaky thought kept saying you will go back, and I thought, maybe I could go back in the following March and take a group. But something kept telling me that I was to go back before Christmas. That appeared ridiculous for a couple of reasons. One was that I didn’t have more than enough money to see me through one day at a time, and the other was that I felt it was just an excuse to try one more time to meet my twin Soul. I’d had a reading not long after he had come into my sphere where Melita had told me that it was “imperative” to meet this man even if I flew to Syria to have a cup of coffee with him. “yeah right!”

The messages kept coming from Ashraf, and then I realised that every time Ashraf sent me a message my phone would beep once, but when I picked it up there would be five or so received messages. Every message was one from Ashraf, but only the first one was new. The others were repeats that he had sent previously. They said things like “I dream of you last night, we were swimming in the Nile” I would think... “in your dreams” passing it off as some Egyptian flirting scheme. And... last night I talk to my teacher “Akhenaton, he say message ChristinA”, and “I miss you I want to see you in Luxor soon, Akhenaton”. What the??? Why is he calling himself Akhenaton now?. (There is a long story to go with meeting Ashraf but that has another purpose for another time as well). When I would open the message from Ashraf all other messages from him would disappear completely off the phone. After a couple of weeks of this I realised I needed to take notice. Once again, I was being told “take notice, take notice”. He can’t possibly make my messages disappear off my phone, so what is going on? I thought maybe I do need to go back to Egypt. I looked at the message titles the next time they came through before reading any so not to risk them disappearing. Always the same messages.... “I talk to my teacher Akhenaton, he say you message ChristinA”, and “I miss you I want to see you in Luxor soon, Akhenaton”. It was happening too regular so I decided to look into my diary to see if it was possible to go back to Luxor. Apart from the fact that I had no money, no clients booking in and no workshops happening, and a hammering from my Mother to tell me she wasn’t babysitting again while I go wandering, everything was jolly fine.

The first time I arrived in Egypt it was 3.5.2006=16/7 Gobally my birth year lesson, but personally it was a 22, which is my life lesson, and the sacred mathematical equation of the LUXOR Light Symbol and the number of the Alpha and the Omega, and many other significant meanings in the LUXOR Light system. My personal day was 3.3.2006.5.3= 22 and my personal year vibration was 3.3.2006=14/5 which was my Destiny Vibration. I was destined to be entering Egypt with a significant purpose, not that I was aware of the date until after booking the ticket. I looked in my diary... ok no school day holidays according to Mother Dear. So I looked at the dates and saw that if my workshops went ahead I could leave on the first Tuesday of the School holidays and be back in time for Taylor to not miss too much school. I could teach on the weekend, rest on the Monday and fly out on the Tuesday. Add up the dates 4.10.2006=22..........alright then it looks like I had to go back to Egypt. Amazing, the phone started to ring, the clients came in and the workshops filled, and I flew out on the 4th October for Egypt. In the weeks to follow, everything began to speed up as it does when I’m off, so busy, and my plans changed somewhat, and I followed the dot to dot journey of the Divine Triangle of Major points of the Essene’s - Alexandria, Damascus, and Qumran. While in Damascus, I met the elusive twin soul! This was great, disappointing and traumatic all rolled into one, and you guessed it we had a cuppa. Not coffee but tea on two occasions.... whoopy dooo!!! I left Damascus, sad, and grieving, knowing I would probably never meet my twin soul again. I tried hard to let go of the grieving before I entered into Israel so I could be at peace with myself and do what I needed to do. I then went on into Sinai and back down to Luxor, where I had arranged to meet Ashraf to take me to Tel el Armana, the City of Akhenaton, who is one of my teacher’s and Ashraf’s teacher. The rest of that story is for another time, but I have been supposed to return to Israel on 3 occasions since, and have managed to block it for some reason I know not what, except that when I return it will set me off on to a whole new growth process.

I leave next week for Cairo, busing it to arrive in Israel on the 20.9.2008=39/3, resonating with my soul vibration.

I have an inkling that it is to do with my work in relation to the Keys of Ascension, and significant that it precedes the work we are doing in Luxor in the following weeks which combines the LUXOR Light work and the KEYS of Ascension.

So tonight after our amazing few weeks within the gateways of opportunities, we set the foundations of what is to come. We have passed through the gates and we are ready for the new to arrive. The Greatness that comes with the activating the 22 energies, which we will set into place tonight.

Depending on how you work the numbers we are setting strong foundations. 22 is the sacred mathematics of the circle. Representing having come full circle, beyond the present incarnation and using our new abilities with reverence and respect. This is for all of us. This is a major time of major significance, and I suggest you learn numerology and begin to follow the significance of the vibrations that Pythagoras began to teach us all that time ago. There are many systems and I believe it is to find the one that works for you. The system I use has always been accurate for my personal journey, and I recommend the book “Numerology and the Divine Triangle”, by Justine Faith and Dusty Bunker. I work on a more intuitive base now, but this has been my little bible of numbers which I refer back to now and again.

Light, Sound and Numbers used in conjunction with each other hold a major key to awakening and is so wonderful to watch the process and the magic of the circle of Life. (22). I invite you all to join in tonight from your homes if you are not coming to our Evening of Awakening through the portal of Heart, and I hope to be in touch while away in Israel and Egypt over the next month.
much love and many blessings to you all

First message received from Janette who completed LUXOR Light Ascension Process in April in Luxor:

From: Janette Cochrane
To: Christina Ritchie
Sent: Wednesday, 2 September, 2009 9:49:21 PM
Subject: Re: Evening of Awakening through the portal of Heart

hi hen phoned you today no reply been having dreams with you for week this am, woke with you in my thoughts then realised you have been there all week also today about 4.45 500pm fell asleep woke with you my heart palpating not comfortable whole chest and solarplexusengrgetically very strange would love to chat to you lots/love/good/thoughts always janette

Second Message received from Jason who is taking part in the LUXOR Light Practitioner course in Luxor in September:

Hi ChristinA ,
How are you ? hope you are well and everything is going to plan at mo , i am good . I read the email you sent out yesterday , its weird and amazing how things happen sometimes , it was definitely trying to get your attention and when i opened it my energy shot up , my dinner was going to be ready soon but i had to sit down and my head , arms and hands started to shake like mad really violently and there was a release or raising of my solar plexus chakra . I spent all evening in a like daze . I have read it again tonight and the same thing happened but not so violently .
I have read that story of how you met up with Ashraf before and it just shows you that you never know what is around the corner and anything can happen .
see you soon , love

And this morning after completing a Mantra cd yesterday for a lady in Adelaide:


I cannot thank you enough.

You have put so much effort and energy into doing this for me and have been working against the clock. I really appreciate it.

I want to tell you about my experience with these energies so far:

Firstly, I was on my way home from work yesterday when you were doing this, and I very strongly wanted to lay down and rest (3pm Adelaide time). After a brief ‘nap’ on the train I got home and was guided to lay on my couch, put on a Reiki Gold CD that I recently bought and was messaged that I was being given a healing. I didn’t know at this time that it was from you although you were very strongly in my meditation. I felt immense gold light around me, and felt that I was being given a gift of golden healing (that I can now use in my own healings for others).

I didn’t check my emails until just before bed when I was told to check the computer. I don’t like using the computer at night but the message was too strong so I logged on. There were your emails and my mantra!!

I listened to it straight away and at first was scared by the sounds, as I was when I first heard/saw/felt the energy at Crystal Wave (when you came to Adelaide). The memories of the fall of Atlantis are obviously so strong in me that these energies resonate with that. I paused it for a second then gathered myself knowing this was right and that I was not to be afraid.

I played the mantra and immediately felt the energy around me and within me. I remembered how I used to speak a ‘made up’ language to myself as a child which is very much like the words you are using with Luxor Light. I couldn’t believe that all that time I was probably speaking a real language but even I didn’t know what it was!

I played the mantra again this morning and started ‘speaking’ in a strange tongue, that is not the same as the one in the mantra but is similar. Lots of clicking and ta-ta-ta-ta co-co-co-co noises and wooshing type sounds – also the dolphin type sounds are coming out of me. It is deep within me and I can feel that it’s connected to the opening of my heart chakra/heart space (don’t know the right word to use), and much more that I cannot grasp yet.

Also, a strange thing is that the date you speak at the beginning is the 12th of September 2009!! About a month ago I was channelling and was told that the 18th of September was going to be hugely significant for me (and others) and that between/around the 12th and the 13th I would be forced to rest and regenerate.

I know the 12th is significant for you as I read the email you sent yesterday, so maybe that’s why you said that date, but either way it’s significant.

Well, I just wanted to share that with you.

I am hugely looking forward to receiving the other CDs and if I don’t come to Perth in the near future I am sure our paths will cross in Adelaide or elsewhere to continue this journey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hannah xx

And then also this morning I received a phone call from someone who has completed my Colour Therapy Diploma Course as well as LUXOR Light and has been doing my work since the year 2000. She often receives messages for me especially when something big is coming up for me. This morning she said she was out on her walk and as she was completing her LUXOR Light clearings she saw the triangle/pyramid shoot upward rising and becoming a golden light with me as the Bhuddha at the top. She said she knew the message was for me and that the Egypt trip is significant and that I am being raised upward to new levels once again.

Recently I had to stand in my Truth in relation to LUXOR Light and the purpose and teachings of such. This was an uncomfortable position for me but not the first time it has happened. But I was also shown that in my commitment to not wavering or faultering in the integrity of this energy that I would be granted new gifts. I feel them coming and I know it is in relation to this next trip. I will be guided step by step as to what is to happen on my own journey for the first 10 days before the group arrives but my feeling is that Ashraf and I will be travelling and possible retracing Moses steps. Maybe, maybe not we shall see, however, what is clear is that my commitment to Trust and sharing that journey with others is about to bring a new story, a new chapter and a new growth for LUXOR Light and all those who choose this particular path of Ascension. The pyramid is rising and in our LUXOR Light symbol the pyramid or the triangle represents us and the trinity energy. The one who is willing to sacrifice themselves, to place themselves on the cross always knowing they are totally protected by the Alpha and the Omega and the reward is the Christed Energy of the Hue man.

I will blog when I can while away and even in the upcoming days prior to leaving and I hope you will share the journey with me

Many blessings

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