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Testimonials - LUXOR Light Ascension Programme - Luxor

Hello Everyone

My experiences, WOW, so many wonderful rewarding things I will try to describe. Prior to coming to this program I had a deep feeling of just how serious this was to be as well as being forewarned many times. We started out with major clearings and dealing with karma, past life, and other wise. The extent of what we cleared was very in depth and broad. Yes some of us may think we have some idea of where we stand with our karma, but the depths of our karma can be very hard to grasp. We dealt with clearing of karma and healing our bodies in different dimension etc. Yes we dealt with many karmic issues and many other issues of our selves both past and present.The meditations we did every day were wonderfully led by Christina, She would lead us into meditations with her annunciating the whole meditation as she monitored each of our progress keeping us up with each other at all times. I believe her keeping us on the same page so to speak was a necessary integral part of making our meditations so wonderful and successful. Everyone of us had or may have had struggles at one time or another. Each one of us are our own little universe’s with an untold amount of past lives as well as our current life issues and situations to deal with. Some of the meditations would flow like clock work and others wouldn’t…. After each and every meditation we would sit right there and share our feeling, visions, impressions and experiences with Christina and the others in the group. I think the first two or three meditations some of us were a bit reserved about expressing what we felt so openly to others as we were still becoming friends but soon after that all of us were able to see that what we felt or experienced no weirder than the persons right next to us and we really shared well and openly then….By the second day we were starting to become a cohesive group and by the beginning of part 2 (the third day) we became a very strong cohesive group, full of loving respect for each other and especially Christina our wonderful leader… Things really started accelerating now, we now had a wonderful group thirsty for the knowledge of what’s ahead of us. With part 2 we started out working with the, The purpose of Luxor Light Healing, The sixth Dimension, The journey to understanding Meditation, The seventh dimension, The activation of Expansion Meditation, The Eight Dimension, Coming into Your Full Potential Meditation, 9th through 12th Dimensions, 9-12th Dimension Meditation, Accessing the 13th Dimension, Transformation Meditation, The 14th Dimension, 14th Dimension Meditation, Healing Through the 15th Dimension, 15th Dimension Meditation, The 16th Dimension, and The 16th Dimension Meditation........ these were the most wonderful Meditations I have ever had the Pleasure of doing. During some of these Meditations we were working with many different Chakras, or bringing in Ascended Masters, or accessing our counterparts from different Planets and or working with the different energies of the different Dimensions. I really started enjoying my self and the lessons now !! I came to luxor with my consciousness level residing in the 8th dimension and the lower 9th dimensions. This was what I have been questing for my whole life and I now have what I have been seeking right here in front of me. I actually believe I struggled more in part 1 of the course than I did in the last 2 parts of this course. I was a part of a wonderful group of great souls being graciously orchestrated by Christina though the best lessons of my life. What more could a guy ask for? HeheMy experiences with part 2 and part 3, were Challenging (which a Virgo like me thrives for) Stimulating, Rewarding, Expanding, Learning, Fullfilling, Extrodnary, Resourceful, and many many other things as well…. I was now able to go into a deep meditation almost instantly and follow most of the meditations closely with greater accomplishments. A lot of what we were doing in parts 2 and 3 felt just so much natural to me. A few of the meditations in 2 and 3 I actually accomplished what the meditation was designed to do ahead of some of the others and I would kind of play (for lack of better words) by raising and intentionally lowering my dimensions or doing some manuevering around with my energies etc. while I was still in deep meditation. Yes I loved being in the higher dimensions as I felt so much at home up there… Most all of the meditations were at least 45 minutes long so on occasion I had a little extra time to experiment. But some times I didn’t. Many times I had trouble coming back inside of my body to come out of the meditation and a couple of times Christina had to help me and others to return to our bodies with a chant or something like that.. Once I got home up there I didn’t want to come back to my body down here on Earth. he heWhat did I learn, I guess I will start here, We are truly our own universes of multi dimensions, multi frequencies, multi facets, multi layered, and yes multi bodies of totally unknown lifetimes and experiences and emotions all in one. We can be and sometimes are more powerful than we can ever imagine and a second later we can be weaker than we would ever freely admit. Now take all or just some of the above and mix them all up into different combinations for every different incarnation into physical bodies creating what we call life. Then throw things like an EGO along with the so called Head (which we need to stay out of most of the time) and you will see why it sometimes seems like we never make any progress. During one of our meditations (20th~24th dimension I guess) I came to the realization just how humble I had to be to achieve that dimension with my consciousness. We have to be Humble, very Humble and have one’s EGO under control and at the same time not letting our heads run away with what we are doing. We have to be Gentle and Graceful in our everyday lives with each and every challenge that comes our way. Each and everyday we are faced with new challenges, some new ones and some old ones returning for yet to still master. Once we have successfully learned a lesson does not mean by any way that we are finished with it as it will sometime somewhere return. As we master one dimension and move into the next we still have challenges in the lower dimension all the time. It’s not like some one who going to school who thinks they can pass one grade and graduate to the next grade and they can forget what they learned the previous year in school…I learned much about meditation and various way to use meditations as tools.Many new perspectives on the many ways and EGO works. I really learned a lot about chakras, we have so many more chakras than I ever imagined we do and even though the may seem insignificant we were taught how to deal with each of them, what dimensions the relate to and surprisingly how much better when we just did simple work with them.Dimensions and levels of dimensions, during two different meditations I visualized what I thought was a simple spread sheet with nothing but horizontal lines in my minds eye, didn’t understand what I was seeing but I now know I was able to see the different levels of dimensions. I wish that at that time I would have counted the lines to see what dimension I was in at the time I was seeing them.Something I have realized since I returned home is how much clearer I now see everything. When I see something happening to me or someone else it’s like I am looking at the issue or situation from above. No I am not looking down on the situation, I am looking at it from a higher perspective/dimensions so to speak. I now see a broader picture, I see a lot farther into what I am viewing. I see just how petty some of the 3rd and 4th dimension drama’s can really be and how much some of my friend are wrapped up in them wanting something I can see, will never be… And at the same time I see just how much this or that person need the lesson they are struggling with at that time. Yes, I see my lessons and other peoples lessons a lot clearer now and I am quickly learning that I have to stay humble and keep my mouth shut. he heReally, I have learned a lot more but this is getting way too long. So I believe I will close here for now and maybe add more in a month or two as our daily lessons with the program will never end...The “Luxor Light Ascension Program” is the best thing in the world for those that are truly ready for it has to teach and offer them. I was truly gifted with being in a great group of six whom I feel were truly ready for this Program. The bond we had, the Love we had, the respect we had was one of the best gifts ever for me. Our synergy was truly amazing and when we meditated together with Christina.SOLots of LUXOR LIGHT, LOVE, AND HEALINGTo each and every single one of us here on Earth at this time~Thomas Putaman~Sedona USA


I have so much to say that I don't even know if I can find the words. The experience of the Luxor Light Ascension Program exceeded my hopes and dreams (not an easy task as I think Big).The energy of the meditations as well as the energy of the group was one of overwhelming love and peace. Facing our issues and the stories and lessons of our lives was challenging but beautiful. I can see that we keep facing the same things over and over and keep peeling away the layers. I am lucky that the challenges in my life have always been and continue to be surrounded by love.As the meditations went on, the energy just became more and more beautiful and I think the only word to describe it is Bliss. Sharing with the group was helpful as there were so many insights.Once in a while I meet someone and think that person is doing exactly what they were born to do. That is how I feel about you (and also about Ashraf). I hope soon I can say that about myself.When I returned home I was busy catching up on everything, though trying to keep the energy alive. Yesterday, 7 days after my return I felt the let down that something I waited for , for so long has ended. Although I do know the Luxor Light experience will never end.I always feel so "at home" in Egypt and this time was even more special. The people around us were all so beautiful and generous with their spirits. Dancing with Egyptians was a dream come true for me.I hope that my Path will become clearer and I am meditating and using the drops to help me get clarity. I can see it will be a huge challenge to keep those levels but I am making a conscious effort and expressing that intent.I am very interested in becoming a practitioner. I hope that will manifest somehow. Obviously right now I do not have the money or vacation time to do so. But I am dreaming that into my future !!!To you personally, I need to say, that I admire your courage, your commitment, your sense of humor and your balance. It is rare to come across someone with all of these traits. I feel honored to have walked this Path with you and am sure this is just the beginning !Cathy Firtko Rubiniwhat I learned about myself and the world is that the challenges never end and that we never stop learning. The Universe orchestrates things so much better than we ever could. We just need to learn to follow the signs and take the leap of faith. I learned that I am my own best friend and that gentleness with myself in the learning process is very important. I learned that you can solve an issue at one level and then have to face it again at another level. I see that even the most dedicated and enlightened spiritual people have to keep climbing that next mountain. I saw that if you believe in yourself and the Power of Love you can find Joy and Bliss but you need to work at keeping in that state. Everyday I learned and grew, laughed and cried, forgave myself and others and started over again. The beauty is knowing that I am doing what I came here to do. And even if I do not always know exactly what THAT is, I can see that I keep putting one foot in front of the other, and always give gratitude for the opportunities. I saw that life is precious and the surprises never end. And if you sow the right kind of seeds you will reap your rewards. I am a Believer !
love Cathy - Italy
PS my special reward was re-living important moments in my life and having people come in with the right energies to turn difficult moments into beautiful memories.

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