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Thoth Hill

ChristinA Ritchie climbing Thoth Hill
The climb up Thoth Hill

Climbing Thoth Hill

On the 3.4.2009 I climbed Thoth Hill on the southern spur of the great plateau which forms the backdrop to the West Bank of Luxor (ancient Thebes). The hill is also sometimes referred to as the “Crown of Thebes”. Difficult to reach as it is surrounded by desert ravines and the ancient route leading p to the temple is difficult to ascend. And my companion climber, Ashraf decided we should take a short cut... bless him, so off the track and up the already difficult climb through loose stones and steep inclines, he in his galibeya striding along and leaving me to scurry up with my little legs just not able to catch up. Luckily it wasn’t too hot and we did have a good amount of water.

On the top of the Hill is the oldest known temple in the Theban region. Very small and made of stone it only had a single chambered sanctuary, and one room inside. There was a second temple just behind it and had 3 rooms.
The older temple was oriented towards the helical rising of Sirius which was correct at around 3000BC, at the beginning of Egypt’s dynastic period. The star Sirius was worshipped as the god Horus, and because the newer temple was dedicated to Horus, Egyptologists believe the older one was as well.

The Horus Temple

The Horus Temple was built by Pharaoh Sankhkare Mentuhotep during the 11th Dynasty and was thought to be a Sed-festival Chapel.  As we entered the first temple the small Temple dedicated to Horus, I couldn’t really feel the energy.  It appeared there had been some recent ceremonies held in there by groups, but there was something that just didn’t feel right, so Ashraf began to walk behind the Temple and called to me that the energy was better back there.  We found the second temple of which we were unaware was there. The Adamic Light Language began to come forth and I knew this was it, this was where I needed to make the Thoth Hill Encoded Waters .

Temple Aligned with Sirius

This 11th Dynasty temple is made of mudbrick, and so there really is not much left of it except one-two rows of mud brick, however, you can destroy the physical representation of the temple, but you can’t remove the energy.
This temple is said to be more accurately aligned with the modern helical rising of Sirius.

The following inscription had been found in the limestone door jambs that are not there now. The dedication reads:

"Horus Sankh-towi-ef [Who Causes his Two Lands to Live], He of the Two Goddesses 'Who Causes his Two Lands to Live,' The Peaceful Golden Horus, The King of Upper and Lower Egypt Sankh-ka-Ra [Who Causes the Soul of Re to Live], Son of Re Montuhotep [The Peaceful Montu], Living Eternally. He made this as his monument to Horus, may he make to him given-life, like Re eternally."

Horus God of the Sky

As we approached the temple a large bird made it’s presence known... a hawk!!

Horus's name means 'He Who is Above' and is probably linked to his status as a god of the sky and to the high soaring of the falcon.

Horus is probably most well-known as the protector of the ruler of Egypt.

I asked which direction I was to face while making the alchemy waters and was directed to face south, and as realised that south faced directly to the Valley of the Kings.

We took some photos and then I set myself up to begin the process of encoding the waters. The encoding and language poured forth.

The main mantra that came through was
“Rama hayata eh Kavvanah”

Rough translation means : 

Through Divine Love you are awaken to conscious awareness that you stand in the presence of the Eye of God.

These waters will assist to bring you to this state of consciousness.

Enochian and Adamic Language of Light

Image may contain: image of Thoth Hill from el Gabawy, West Bank Luxor
Thoth Hill from my Balcony
There is yet another way to receive the transformational and alchemical form of healing that comes from the Divine Languages of Light through Enoch and times of Adam.  

If you would like a personalised message that speaks directly to your Soul and enables you to receive the encoding specific to you, then you only need to write to me and request this or order here.  This is a recorded message so you can listen to the sound Codes that enable the shifts to take place in your consciousness, which in turn brings the healing shifts required for you at any given time. 

I now live at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension overlooking Thoth Hill, so the Codes of this mountain are ever present in me.  

If you wish further information on the Alchemy Waters and further instruction of how to use them contact me by email.

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