Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I arrived in Luxor on 30.3.2009 a global 44 day. I left from Cairo at gate 11 on flight 227 at 4:40 am, in seat number 34K. 34K = 41 and this is the same as my destiny number. As always the trip is set to make for new horizons for me personally and spiritually or for the Greater Good of all who come and then those that are touched by those that come.
I was very tired after 30+ hours of travelling, so after settling in to the flat a sleep was called for and not much too strenuous for the day apart from a wander into Luxor in the evening for dinner and back for an early night.
I slept well and woke at 7am ready to greet the beautiful day beckoning me as I looked out over the Nile from the balcony of the flat. I slipped off to the internet cafe to do some quite catch ups with emails and then Ashraf decided to take me by motor boat to Banana Island for lunch. It was a beautiful day and as we motored down the Nile I listened to the Codes of Enoch and I remembered why I love Luxor so much.
The humble little Egyptian restaurant served great food and we were even graced with the presence of a foal at our table that came along for a little nibble of my hand.
Then back to the flat again as I was growing weary quickly. More rest, and then I watched a documentary about the Codes of the Knights Templar, and had a huge reaction to the dates of the last battle of the Knights of Templar. It was recognition of a past life where my son (in this incarnation) lost his life and took on the pain of the whole collective consciousness as he lay dying in a long and gruesome death along all with his fellow crusaders. The date of this battle was the same date as his life in this life and the memory flashed through my heart as I remembered the pain of losing my best friend in such a gruesome way, and the recognition of what he is still working through. It took me by surprise and the first I began to activate and then the tears and sobbing began. I watched the complete episode and then fell into a deep sleep. I woke to find the day slipping away and knew I had work to do on the internet so packed up my things and headed downstairs and met Ashraf half way. He took one look at me and said “you look very tired”, and then I realised I was not really “here” as the energy was coursing through my veins and my legs began to collapse under me. So he took me back to the flat and I went back to bed. The activations and tears started as I recognised I was immersed in the ascension flame of Lord Serapis and my healing process had begun. Many times am I immersed in this energy, but when I am in Luxor it holds such a recognition at a cellular level that it almost always carries with it tears of release as I surrender to the flame and the purpose to which I come for.
I am preparing myself for tomorrow the 1st April which becomes globally a 16/7 but the month of April is a 21/3 which is my Soul vibration, and tomorrow is a personal 22 day for me. 22 demands big things, but it is also my life lesson, to which I am working, so it means that tomorrow I must achieve big things because that is what the 22 demands. So much for one more day of rest, I heading to Akhenaton’s temple. Whooa!! Look out... I always bring through big things when working my Soul vibration. With April being my Soul vibration it means we are set for big things with the course... LUXOR Light was brought through on my soul vibration in 2004, so here we go again, the new journey of LUXOR Light is about to be birthed. I welcome the new participants and I welcome the old participants wherever you are in the world, to join with us for this month of big stuff!!

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