Friday, 3 April 2009

House of Mother Tiye

Tiye was Queen in Egypt for over 50 years, and today she is still remembered by many Egyptians as " The one who fills the palace with beauty and love", "Mother of the King", "The kings great wife whom he loves", " The lady of both lands", "Noblewoman", and "Great of praises".
Mother of Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) she encouraged him to continue with the teachings of his father Amenhotep III (incarnation of Lord Serapis Bey) and he became the most controversial Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt during the 18th dynasty.
On the 1st April 2009 I wandered the Malquata grounds of the Temple and the Palace. The Palace grounds began to speak with and through me and the encoding began. The energy very clearly wanted me to remember the words "Dara ma Ti", to which I realised was "Dara ma Tiye" and I knew the meaning through my interpretation of the work with the language of Hibiru that I speak. It means the House of the Mother - Tiye.
Among the codes and the language was another very obvious mantra coming through which was "Ra mi ato dooshta".....Queen Tiye represents the Eye of Ra and the mantra loosely translated means "one who is exalted in the eye of God and so it is"......
These encoded waters made with purified Egyptian water have captured the essence of Tiye, to nurture the essence of individuality and encourage one to follow their heart no matter how controversial it may be. Giving one the strength to be true to themselves, and to unite communities as one. It brings you home to that place of greatness where you can “know” who you are within the heart and radiate that greatness upon others.
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today I climb Thoth Hill

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