Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The latest series of workshops are about healing from the inside out.
If we are to travel this journey of ascension, then we need to be able to have a physicality capable of longevity.
Some of us are here to have complete ascension, and that means to have the opportunity in this lifetime to be able to ascend with the physical body. If this is so then we must have a physical body that is capable of travelling the long road ahead.
We ascend on the Spiritual Body first and lastly on the physical, obviously, or otherwise you would die to the physical body.
Healing from the inside out is utilising the Alchemy Waters process to change the consciousness of the cells of every organ of the body in order to bring about a perfectly transformed physicality for not only ascension but to enjoy your life time however long you decide to stay on this planet. Transforming the consciousness of the cells to that of its original healthy state where no dis-ease can manifest because the body will be inhospitable to low frequency cells.
However long your journey is, you have the right to be able to live out your days as a healthy happy spiritual being enjoying this human experience.
I realised that if I am here without spiritual lessons, but with physical lessons, then that must mean that I have the ability to conquer the physical.

After making the series of “The Codes of Alchemy” and trialling the Codes of Thoth I was shown something rather amazing. While I have the ability to transform consciousness through my gift of being an “Encodement Key”, the focus has been very much about healing the emotional, mental and spiritual. What about the physical? Something seemed to be amiss here. I was an aerobics instructor for 9 years, addicted to conquering the physicality of having the perfect body....!!! Can’t believe it when I look at my soft squishy bits now! But here I am, finally getting it.
Thoth spoke to me in such a way that made it loud and clear that we must focus on healing the physicality. We’re all so committed to the spiritual healing that we forgot the point of focus. Where we place our focus is where we achieve results.
The Alchemy waters are having amazing results already, transforming consciousness of mind and body, but now with the focus placed at body we a set to see even more incredible results.

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