Thursday, 15 January 2009

This coming Sunday 18.1.2009 marks the 22nd day of war between Isreal and Palestine.

The power of 22 commands that big things happen in BIG ways. Let's make this a BIG day for Peace.

Light a Candle for Peace
Meditate for Peace
Pray for Peace
Chant for Peace
Play music for Peace and of Peace
Gather with Friends and "Be at Peace"
Listen to your "Codes of Peace" cd
Do what you did for "iPeace Day"

Do whatever you can for Peace this Sunday 18th - the 22nd day of war in Gaza.

The 22 always pushes us forward to the greater ways, because it represents the Alpha and Omega.
The number 22 is a Master frequency for Liberation. It is said that there are 22 steps toward the God Force. It is Life force entering into manifestation. It symbolises having gone full circle beyond the present incarnation. It represents the Alpha and the Omega and that we never come to the limit of our potentials. It is a teaching vibration, teaching us to awaken to transforming our lives through consciousness. It blends spiritual consciousness with control of the physicality, including the body itself, and brings us in to a perfect state of being. Once we have achieved this state, the individual is no longer restricted by earthly considerations but only uses them with great respect.

Focus on Peace, not just on Sunday but on every day.

Pass this on, because the power of group intention is the greatest power we have, let us make that a "Power of Peace"

Sunday 18.1.2009 a day for Global Peace

Many blessings

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