Sunday, 28 December 2008

The energies at the moment seem to be so far away and yet so here. There is so much on offer to us at present. For me personally the inspirations and ideas just keep coming in, and I am not really achieving anything because there is so much to offer and to do and to get started. I can only suggest that this is what happens when you are open to the Universal Mind and the whole conglomerate of stuff on offer out there. Open the mind and all the ideas and inspiration will come. Having said that, a little reminder that there is a Meditation evening on the 1st January, for exactly that reason. 1.1.2009=13
Let's look at those numbers!!!

1.1.11 all the ones! With this comes the opportunity to tap into the mind power of the Universe and with this come the Gift of the 13.
13 is an all or nothing vibration... think about it. What do you want? All or nothing?
13 is also about transformation, and what a wonderful way to bring the New Year in and to set the intentions of what you would like to bring about. 1's are all about intentions. This is an amazing opportunity to come and listen to the sounds and keys offered to awaken to Universal/Higher Mind and have the bounty offered to you. All you have to do then is to grab hold with 2 hands and accept all that you truely deserve.

6 Herschell Way
$33............................REGISTRATIONS PLEASE BEFORE THE DAY :)

And then, let's grasp those 1's of powerful intentions again on 11.1.2009 = 23/5 to power us with change through co operative and creative energies offered as we accept our Divine Power and place within the Trinity Energies.
This will be a full day of Mastering your Mind to enter the Higher/Universal Mind. We will work with Thoth, Enoch and Hermes - Thrice born to accept your place in 2009 and begin the process of Divine Mind Power Manifestation.

This workshop will be to fund my trip to Egypt in January to climb Thoth Mountain and sit in the temple on top of the mountain to receive the KEYS offered. I will be encoding waters as I meditate in this secluded Higher Energy place, with KEYS of Ascension from Thoth. Coupled with an activational mantra cd, I am guided that this will be a most powerful way to assist those that are working towards awakening their Higher Mind. Already those that have been working with their Mantra Cd's are experiencing big changes in their lives and are becoming more clearly purpose driven as their begin to remember their cause and place within the Greater Plan.

I hope that you will take part in this one-day workshop and assist me in bringing back this amazing Gift of Ascension.

10:00 - 5pm
6 Herschell Way
Bring and Share lunch
$155.......................................REGISTRATIONS PLEASE

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