Sunday, 9 November 2008

KEYS to the Gatekeeper

LUXOR Light holds the energy of the Gatekeeper, the Bodhi; a fast track frequency that opens the gate for you to pass into the path of the Initiate.
This Tuesday, 11 November 2008 is another day that helps us to access the gateways of higher consciousness. It is an 11:11 portal of awakening. This portal is a major doorway that will assist us for the next 12 months to bring the planet into a place of Higher Purpose/Higher consciousness. The portal will complete on the 11th November, 2009 or an 11:11:11 portal. This day will hold the energy of the 33 which is always a major vibration for awakening to Higher Purpose, as it holds the energy of the Masters and Christ Consciousness. This means we are stepping into an amazing year of awakening. The year of 2009 is in itself an 11 year which will bring with it the opportunity for enormous growth, individually and collectively. There may be challenges that we need to conquer in order to accept the growth that is being offered to us, but whenever there is a challenge there is always a greater reward.
On Wednesday 12 November, 2008, this coming Wednesday, the vibration is that of the 33. This means that as we step into the 11:11 gateway on Tuesday, we are offered the very day after, the opportunity to test run the energy of the awakening that is being offered to us on the 11:11:11 in 2009.
The energy of this 11:11 gateway has already started to present itself to us. As always with gateways, we begin tapping into the energy some days prior and can feel it for quite some days after. There will need to be a clearing in order to take in the new frequency, and the bigger the new energy you are able to take in will determine the level of the clearing you will have to undergo.
I myself started with migraine yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, and still late afternoon on Sunday, I am still feeling the effects and the flu-like symptoms are moving quickly through my system in preparation for the great down pouring of light about to be gifted to us. This last couple of weeks have been one opening after another as we accept our roles and step up again and again. Mind you, if you are like me and you constantly affirm that you accept the next step in your path of evolution, you can be assured to be on a roller coaster of energy influxes with few short breaks. I suggest you choose how much you wish to take depending on the lifestyle you need to tread.
I will be recording a CD for the KEYS to the Gatekeeper that can be used throughout the year in order to assist you with your awakening. The Sound Keys that are present are the sounds that activate the process. KEYS and Light Codes are Sound Activators. The language of Hibiru and the Keys that pass through my voice open the portals to Higher Consciousness assisting us to step beyond the present incarnation and into the Higher Mind, and into purity of Being. Ascending into Higher Mind means we are then a part of the Universal Mind, where we can then become aware of the Divine plan as it comes into manifestation.
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