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LUXOR Light Ascension Programme
Incorporating KEYS Enoch Healing
and the Sound Keys of Ascension
In LUXOR, Egypt
10 April 2009 – 20 April 2009

First time offered in Luxor.
The LUXOR Light and the KEYS of Ascension
Programme will be offered in Luxor once a year.
Seeking International Facilitators for LUXOR Light
This course is the original LUXOR Light Ascension Programme plus the Sound KEYS of Enoch
LUXOR Light is an Ascension Frequency gifted to the planet in order to accelerate those that are ready to move through the Path of the Initiate and into Mastery to take their role as Spiritual leaders into the New Era.
The LUXOR Light Programme will be held over 11 days and it is the first time this is offered as an intensive. The programme will be as follows:

LUXOR Light Part 1 - April 10 and 11
Clearing the remaining debri from the 3rd dimensional state of consciousness and healing and fully activating the 4th and 5th Dimensions. Working through the emotional body baggage of the 4th dimension and developing the masculine and feminine polarity based chakras of the 5th Dimension.
April 12
Free time to rest and integrate the process, visit sacred sites or receive healing,
April 13
Free day then sail down the Nile at sunset on a felucca with the intention of the complete healing of the emotional body.
LUXOR Light Part 2 - April 14 and 15
6-16th Dimension
· Activating the Infinity Chakras and fully integrating the balanced male and female aspects of the chakras.
· Awakening to the knowledge that Love is All that Is and welcoming this Living Truth. Welcoming Unity Consciousness, expansion, and seeding your infinite potential.
· Working with the University of Sirius and the Ascension Retreat of Luxor.
· Becoming the Galactic Being
· Activating your full potential and connecting with your Twin Soul
· Truly integrating being in the NOW
· Reflection
· Healing Inner Child, Mother Self, Grief and Fear
· Becoming the Being of Harmlessness
April 16
Free time to rest and integrate the process, visit sacred sites, or receive healing
April 17
Free day and evening visit to the Temple of Luxor the home of the Ascension Retreat and Lord Serapis Bey.

LUXOR Light Part 3 – April 18 and 19
· Fully awakening to your Spiritual Truth
· Focusing the Heart Energy
· Expanded Consciousness
· Connecting with Ancient and Galactic Civilizations
· Attaining “Oneness”
· Perfect Alchemy
April 20
Visiting the Valley of the Kings, the Place of Truth
Farewell Party in the Evening

Investment $1555 Australian cheaper for shared accommodation
Investment $ 829 Euros cheaper with shared accommodation
Investment $1064 US, cheaper with shared accommodation
The complete course component
12 nights accommodation including breakfast
Lunch, Morning and afternoon teas on workshop days (6 days)
felucca and taxis/motor boat to Valley of Kings and Luxor Temple
Not included
Entrance fees to Sacred Sites
Tips (bakshish)

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