Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the KEYS to Ascension

I am back from my journey to Egypt, and this trip was amazing. We are all well aware of the significance of the 22 in the LUXOR Light process, and as the energy uplifts and amplifies we are more and more seeing the double 22 and the significance of the 44 vibration.
This trip was constantly about 44. To me the 44 signifies the Higher Mind, the Higher Heart and the ability to open to the power of the Humanity. It talks about peace, about the adept, the initiate moving beyond the path and into the Heavens. It talks to us about how if we wish to speak with the gods then we must learn the language of the gods, as was quoted in the Keys of Enoch and the wisdoms of Enochian Knowledge.
LUXOR Light continues to propel forward into the “Higher” aspects of Divinity and is constantly reported to be the most powerful of energies available to us today. It must be experienced to be believed, but without doubt it continues awaken many to the Higher Realms unable to be reached through other means.
This latest trip to Egypt was the most powerful and most profound to date and the purpose was to awaken those who were ready to Higher Mind. This it did and we experienced some amazing times as the veil was lifted so many times.
I am looking forward to sharing with you the visions we witnessed of Atlantis returning, and the Codes from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth that were passed to me on the 13.10.2008=33 a day that carried the vibration of awakening us Globally to our purpose. The story of Thoth is a long one, but he was known as the God of the Wisdoms, the Keeper of the Records. He incarnated 3 times and the last incarnation was as Hermes Trismegistus (thrice born). During this last incarnation he wrote what is known as the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. He wrote ten tablets and they were left in the Great Pyramid, over the Halls of Amenti, for safe keeping. These 10 tablets were broken down into 13 parts for convenience. The Halls of Amenti became the underworld, the Halls of the gods, where the soul passed after death for judgment. Since something like thirteen hundred years B.C. in Egypt, or the ancient Khem was in turmoil, and and many delegations of priests were sent to other parts of the world. Many of these priests carried the emerald tablets as talismans and the wisdoms were taken to places like the Mayalands where the Mayans remembered the wisdoms.
You will see 13 is the key number here – 13 tablets and 13 hundred years B.C. It had to be by no means an accident that on the 13th day of October this year that I climbed the mountain that is said to protect the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens and at the top of this mountain where it is said to be dedicated to Thoth that the keys poured through me and the words the keys of Thoth were given to me. Then as confirmation Sue Ford who climbed to the top with me had the vision of reading a series of tablets, and a third participant, Kim, while receiving the keys during meditation on the lower level of the mountain was given the words emerald tablets. At home on the same day Arlina was channel writing and painted an emerald green canvas with ancient writing.
I am always shown in many ways how not to doubt what is coming through. I had no idea about these dates of the numbers until later.
As I sat on top of the mountain and Sue and I built a small LUXOR Light symbol on top to leave our mark, I closed my eyes to receive whatever it was that I had gone up there for. The keys began to pour through me and they went on for a very long time. Sue’s experience was to see an enormous golden snake coiled around the valley of the Kings and Queens a sign of protection over the resting place of the Pharaohs’. The Valley of the Kings and Queens, where they pass into the underworld for judgement. The Halls of Amenti in the Great Pyramid, there is a strong connection between the two.
I arrived in Cairo on the 19.9.2008=38/11 day, a global gateway, but for me a personal 44 day. Showing me that this journey was going to be of Higher Mind. We moved on into Israel, where I picked up some more of my Soul fragments, and entered back into Cairo on 25.9.2008=44. No surprise at all that I should begin on a personal 44 and come back into Egypt on a 44 global day.
We began our cruise on the Nile on the 2.10.2008=22 Global day and coinciding with my life lesson and the sacred mathematics of LUXOR Light. As it should be that we begin with the vibration of LUXOR Light. Many more vibrations of significance but to be told at a later date.
We had 4 days on board the dahabeih and then began the second workshop on the 9.10.2008=29/11 day another opportunity of great growth through the portals of the 11. The day we climbed the mountain was probably “the” most significant day of the whole trip in my eyes although there were many highlights to this journey. Here we had a global 33 vibration day, and 5 brave souls attempted the climb of the mountain. This was also a personal 3 day for me which is my Soul vibration, and ALWAYS on the day of my soul vibration, do I bring something new and significant through, and once again I see the significance later.
Cutting a long story short”er”, I flew out from Cairo on the 17.10.2008=37/10, globally new beginnings and personally for me 43/7 or a minor 16/7 vibration, my personal year vibration, showing me that this trip was the highlight of my year. I sat on seat number 44 and flew into Perth on the 18.10.2008=38/11 closing that 11/11 gateway and personally for me it was a 44 day. What more can I say but the frequencies being brought to you now are of no coincidence and calling loudly of Higher Mind and Higher Purpose.
Come join the journey, come join with me and begin to awaken to the Highest aspect of your “Self” on our journey to Heaven on Earth.
This is to be shared, so spread the word and if you can’t make Friday 24/10/2008=44 then you can purchase the meditation and codes on cd or you can take part in again by organising a group in your town, your state, your country. LUXOR Light and the KEYS of Ascension welcome you.
NB: This work does by no means counter out the Original LUXOR Light process, but amplifies the work. The original work is still the foundation and I suggest that it is the only way to your holding the levels and maintaining the frequency.
You can take part in the original course by contacting me for a facilitator in your area, or you can take part in an intensive course in April with myself in Egypt, or the Eastern States of Australia.

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