Thursday, 30 October 2008

Atlantis Revisited

I want to share with you the experience of the first night on board the Dahabieh on the Nile. The 2.10.2008-=22
We left Luxor by convoy to Esna to visit the Temple of Esna and then board the dahabieh to begin our cruise up the Nile to Aswan, stopping at sites along the way. We arrive at the ancient city of Nekheb, which is now called El Kab to visit the Temple site of Esna dedicated to Thoth and Nebket.
Thoth was the keeper of divine and secret knowledge, and also said to be the god of equilibrium and also known as the Master of Balance whose knowledge and powers of calculating, measured out the heavens and planned the earth.
We meditated in the Temple of Esna on protection and centring our energy field to bring ourselves into a state of balance or equilibrium, and spent some time taking photos of the temple before we set off back to the taxi to meet Abdul on the Dahabieh.
While waiting to set sail on the Dahabieh I was talking with the driver and he kept saying to ask Abdul to take us directly to the magic Atlantic City. I didn’t quite follow what he was talking about because I thought Atlantic City was in America. Then all of a sudden the penny dropped and I asked him, did he mean Atlantis? Yes, he said he meant Atlantis. Still none the wiser I just moved on to another subject.
That evening around midnight, Sue and I were the only ones left on deck talking as everyone else had retired to their cabins. In the distance I kept staring at the same spot and it took some time to register but all of a sudden I realised I was seeing a pyramid. The pyramid was very large and looked to be made of stone the same as the pyramid at Giza. In fact it could well have been Cheops because it was identical. I kept staring at it and then said to Sue, do you see a pyramid. Yes, she also could see it. It was very solid and large, and even Ashraf who came up on deck could see it. And then appeared two more pyramids similar in size to the other two main pyramids at Giza.... weird we thought and then joked to say that in the morning we would probably see a pile of rubble that took the shape of the pyramid.
The morning was beautiful although the weather was very warm. As we set sail towards Edfu, the skyline on both sides of the Nile was, while not misty, slightly hazy, and within the haze it was easy to see what looked like crystalline pyramids lining the horizon above the sandy desert landscape. The magic City of Atlantis that Mohamed has mentioned. I couldn’t believe it, this was amazing, I was feeling so in awe of this trip and it had only just started.
It was hot and Edfu although a beautifully dramatic setting, was hard to enjoy in the heat. We were all tired and because of the heat decided we would do the meditation on the boat after seeing the temple.
The meditation was to do with healing the chaos within to be more able to accept the changes and to recognise that any chaos we witness or feel is not that of the mirror but that of the self. Heal the chaos within and then we shall not see chaos but change.
This was a huge process for the group and the Keys were not being accepted in the process. I was directed to keep trying until they could clear enough chaos to be able to accept at least some of the KEYS of peace to be held within.
The crew on the boat must have thought we were totally off our rocker but they handled it with ease although Ashraf appeared a little embarrassed as I activated strongly with the sharing. It was so intense Kim was sick, but this became a blessing even though it took her some days to clearing the nausea and release from both ends to clear the buried debris long held within the emotional body. Her process thereafter was extremely amplified and her life is about to change in a big way.
That evening after the sun went down, Kim noticed some strange lights in the sky that appeared to be a cluster of stars, but they moved. This brought us to start taking photos to see what would come up. Orbs were very noticeable in the sky and I moved to the other side of the boat to take a photo of the moon. As I did, in the distance an Ibis flew by. What I captured on camera was the consciousness orb of the Ibis which was far bigger than that actual vision of the Ibis which was quite some way off. Thoth was represented as a human with the head of an Ibis, and so I thought again, about the significance of the work that we were beginning and the fact that we had been given a sign that we were working with the consciousness of Thoth.
The story of LUXOR Light is really only just starting to come to me. It has been almost 5 years since LUXOR Light was birthed, and although my stories are of many incredible experiences on my personal process of bringing it through, it appears that now I am able to go back to where it really all began. Obviously, long before my 44th birthday in this lifetime, did this frequency enter the planet. While I have known that it originated from Ancient Egypt and prior to that from Sirius, it is now being shown to me how it came to this planet. Bit by bit the story unfolds. It is clear to me that Osiris and the Osirian Religion was the beginning of this frequency. “O- Sirian” .
I have been asking to be given the metaphysical meaning behind my tours and the ancient Egyptian Truth of it all. While I can research and find many interesting stories that have been written, it somehow doesn’t do justice to the reality of it all.
As I write this now the keys pour through me to open me to the Truth of where this energy comes from. And if nothing else I have learned patience in my journey through LUXOR Light. I have learned that the Truth comes to those who wait, but in the waiting there must be action. I have waited for the Truth to reveal itself. And while I waited I had to learn Trust, and this I did. Now, through my process of Trust and working the frequency, I have reached a level of Truth that can only come to those on the path who are genuinely ready to step into the Truth of WHO THEY ARE. This is not something you can think about, this is something that must be worked, must be experienced and must be persevered with. I have waited and now I am being shown that this frequency originated with Osiris and his teachings. This I am humbled by and honoured to be able to share this with you today. I am happy with the small snippets of information, for I recognise the enormity in what we have and in what we do. The Osirian Religion was the beginning of what eventually became the Christian Religion. And like the man Jesus, it was never really meant to go astray, or to be a religion, but a frequency and a teaching of how to evolve in consciousness.
We have today, a powerful opportunity to step back into the frequencies that originated on this planet in the land of Mu the Motherland in the time of Atlantis. This work is for leaders of Light, Warriors of Light, that have the strength and the willingness to want to be a part of raising the levels of consciousness, not just of themselves but of the planet, and to assist those that are willing to carry exceedingly higher levels of Light for our Return to the Purity of where it all began.
I will be visiting the UK in January, please contact me if you would like further details. I will be offering the full LUXOR Light Ascension Programme in Luxor in April 2009.

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