Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Gateways continue

Tuesday, the 11th day of the 11:11 gateway and my head feels like it is going to explode. Monday I moved into a shift that has not left me yet. This gateway began on 29/8/2008=47/11((29/11) with the 29th making it a double 11 day, and we have passed through 11 days of transformation completing Wednesday on 10.9.2008=29/11, making it 13 days in total. (13 All or nothing, total transformation) followed by the day of the 11th on Thursday, and moving into Friday 12.9.2008=22 minor day. What a huge week for light downpourings. Friday gives us the opportunity to accept the magnificence that we are and give thanks to the down loading of light that we have been experiencing since the start of this window on the 29th August. It is also a good time to set some strong boundaries, and cement the foundations of your next step in your personal spiritual process. The more intention you place toward your goals on this day the more easily it will flow into your immediate space. BUT, be grounded, spend some time outdoors, in the garden, or doing something physical in the process. Don’t be so Spiritual that you are of no earthly good. There is no point manifesting something that sits only in the spiritual chakras, you must bring it down through your body and into the earth, and then watch as it unfolds.
Tuesday also brings with it the abundance of higher wisdoms, hence the experiencing of headaches and swollen glands or sore throats that don’t manifest into physical ailments.
October, promises much in the way of new beginnings as it is in itself a 10:10 gateway. The power to manifest will be amplified so be positive in your thoughts, and stay focused Heavenward, but please don’t forget to be grounded. Without grounding you cannot bring your desires into full manifestation.
Be gentle with yourselves over the next few days, and on Sunday be alert to inspirational aha moments of where your life will take you.

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