Monday, 1 September 2008

We are still in the middle of a window of an 11/11 gateway, which began on the double 11/11 gateway on the 29 August. There is exactly 11 days within this window which brings it to a triple 11 gateway. The next 11 vibrational day on 10.9.2008=29/11 closes this gateway and two days later we have the opportunity to step into the Greatness once again into the 22 Global day. Now the growth we achieved by stepping through the triple 11 gateway can be accessed to balance the double Goddess energy so prevalent in the triple 11 Gateway. Soul purpose and the Language of Light was the energy available to us through the triple 11 gateway. Many experienced sore throats and coughs as the throat began to open to the Higher frequencies preparing to accept the energies of the Holy Shekinah (the Feminine energy of the Christ) and move into the balanced heart/mind energy where we think with the heart and awaken Divine Mind.
Many more are now activating the kundalini energies as they accept the Higher Frequencies coming through at more regular intervals at the moment.
We are nearing the end of the year, and this month September is a preparation period for the coming year 2009, where we not only experience the opportunity to release with ease, but we will also be given many gateways of opportunities throughout the whole year. It's set to be a big year of new frequency downloads because of the 11 vibration held within the year 2009/11. Much growth will be achieved. So this gateway we are in at the moment is a mirror opportunity of what is available to us in the upcoming year.
Set the foundations now and you will find you will accept the new levels of Light offered to us in the new year easier to take on board.
Dates to watch in September

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