Friday, 22 August 2008


Enochian Sound Healing

Creating Abundance
Clearing co-dependent Karmic Relationships
Setting Strong foundations
Building Boundaries
Daring the Mighty
Accomplishing Greatness of Spirit

Double 22's 2+2+8+2+0+0+8=22
This is a great day of major significance
With the energies of the eclipse passing us by
this day will support and anchor the process
to move you ahead to the Greatness of who you are.

Come and receive the keys and codes to assist your process

The vibrations available to us today are for Great abundance and success, and that is GREAT not just great! Things are starting to roll our way, to fall into place and we are able to create exactly what we desire. Today harnesses the perfect opportunity to reap the rewards from the seeds we have planted. Today is the perfect opportunity to dare to accept that which you truly deserve, and desire. The frequency of the 22 holds the power to manifest miracles. The month of August, the 8th month is full of opportunities to reap the rewards of past work well done, just as the year 2008 does. It’s a double opportunity to create, clear karmic debts and utilising the multiple 2 energies we can create, create, create, but, not in a little way, in the biggest most powerful way. Powered by the 22 we have the opportunity to access the energies of the Alpha and the Omega, the All that Is and bring forth that which we Truly Desire. That, which we have only as yet, dreamt of bringing into our Being, is now available to us and all we need to do is harness the energies of today and activate with pure intention, pure love and pure desire of the highest integrity, and we shall, through our own hard work and conviction to that which is for the Greater Good draw forth from the dimensions of the potentialities all that and more.
The CD was recorded today 22.8.2008 to harness the energies of the day and record the Keys relevant to the manifesting through the Divine, The duration of the CD is 33mins and 13 seconds - 33:13. This is confirmation of the process undertaken. It suggests Manifesting with the Ascended Masters!
CD's are available for $33

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