Tuesday, 26 August 2008

11/11 Gateway


Come and join us on Friday the 29th for an 11:11 gateway of opportunities activation
the 29/11 and the complete date 47/11
This is a significant date for entering the gateways offered to us to accelerate forward. If we can be like the ancients and work with the dates and the energies that surround us, we can tap into the powerful intentions that we set in place for ourselves. These evenings are always linked to significant dates as I have found that to follow the vibrational numbers has set me in motion on this fast tracking journey of awakening that propels me forward constantly. I try always to make the most of these dates...........
This Friday evening we will be working with the power of the mind, the power of manifesting through the process of your thought processes. In particular we will have the opportunity to attract to us the creative essence of Divine Mind Power. The abundance of love through the power of Trusting in the Divine. We call upon Divine Will to overide the ego states that hold us in the limiting states of consciousness that want to keep us in the old ways.
This is an 11/11 gateway, a gateway of opportunity. The Alpha, and the Omega await us and welcome us to utilise the power of the Universe for the Infinity codes of Light of the double Goddess!
11:11 dates are always significant the power of the mind is amplified, the power of manifesting is amplified, the opportunity for growth is amplified.
Enter the Heart and and Transform the Mind
See you Friday
Registrations a must
Cds' available $33
Activating the Christ Consciousness Grid
Sound KEYS to Ascension - Opening to Divine Manifestation

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