Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Healing the Emotions

Working through Experience, Honesty, and Sharing, we step into the Ascension Flame of Luxor and remove all memory of past hurts and emotional scars.

As we know we are put on the Earth school to learn through and experience emotions. The two classes of our Earth School fall under the headings of Love and Fear. When we really start to work with our emotions and come in touch with our feeling nature, we assist ourselves in becoming the truly Spiritual Being, and we come into our POWER.

How do we come truly into our Power?
Experience. We need to open ourselves to it, to experience. We need to allow ourselves to feel all those experiences and really come in touch with our feelings, or our emotions. Once we are in touch with our feelings we can learn to understand what is going on around us. And, once we understand what is going on around us we can place ourselves in exactly the right position for us to be able to deal with anything.

Honesty. : with yourself and others. Be totally honest with yourself first. If you shut out your true feelings from yourself how can you heal them and how can you experience them in order to learn and grow. Being totally honest with yourself is not just about stamping your foot and saying ‘I refuse to listen to Freddy because he is stubborn, arrogant, critical or whatever, and he makes me feel bad, and I don’t want him in my life anymore’. Maybe you don’t and maybe you do feel that way, but that’s not all of it. It is about looking at why he/she makes you feel bad, or why they make you feel nervous, or out of control or whatever. Take them into your heart and let them do their stuff, and experience how it feels again. Ask yourself, ’why do I feel like this?’ ’What is it that I see in them that I have in myself.’ Or, ’what is it in them that I wish I had in myself?’ Own it, acknowledge it, recognise it, feel it and really, really, experience it. Once we are truly honest with ourselves, we can then begin to be truly honest with others.

Being honest and open with others is sometimes difficult for the reciprocant to understand. Sometimes it is too difficult for them to handle. Honesty is not about hurting others or being blunt like saying - ‘Gee your hair looks really ratty today!’ That sort of honesty should be kept under wraps. Real honesty is about not being afraid to let people know who you truly are. If people don’t really know you, how can they understand the best way to be around you? How can they feel comfortable in your presence? How can they Trust that what you are sharing with them is of God Essence? They might think that you only share a little bit and keep the best stuff for yourself. And then when they find out the bit you kept from them they may disregard all else they learnt from you because they felt cheated. There are many out there who think if they keep knowledge to themselves without sharing they have some extra power, or that they are extra special because they know something others don‘t. But there is no growth in that, quite the opposite.

If we are not totally honest we can hold ourselves back in our Spiritual Growth. Stunt it if you like. Sometimes we continue in situations because we are denying ourselves that which we truly want to do, and that is to move on. If we are honest with ourselves and we close the door to falsehood, the new door opens. This of course can be a scary thing, and may cause you a whole new set of emotions to deal with and heal.

When we continue in falsehood, it tends to trigger the emotions of anger, resentment, jealousy, frustration, etc. When this happens, we need to bring ourselves back to our God essence, our true essence, and remind ourselves that this is our ego, or our attachment to the material world, the third dimension. Do you want to continue to pull yourself back into that realm? Look at why you allowed the experience in the first place and learn from it. For example: When my ex-husband, who, at one time had one child of three, one night a fortnight, would constantly ask for that night off as well, I instantly got angry and proceeded to carry on about it. When I was ready to look at why I actually got angry about it, I recognised it was because I wanted some of the freedom he had in being able to go out whenever he feels like it. He had something I wanted. I didn’t have to get angry, I could have simply said no, it wasn’t appropriate, I had plans. By allowing that anger to come in I created some weight in my fields, weight that could, if not cleared and healed, hold me down in my growth. It simply slows down our vibrations if we continue to focus life through our problems and our third dimensional realities of material consciousness. It becomes impossible to continue to climb into the higher dimensions and the speeding up of our vibrations.

So how do you really be honest with yourself? You can’t be honest with yourself unless you are willing to experience your emotions. You have to open your heart and say o.k. I will feel. I will feel even if it hurts. Through the experience of feeling you allow yourself to then understand what makes you hurt, fear or even love.

Through allowing yourself to feel and experience the emotion and being honest with yourself about how you feel you will begin to be able to experience more peace and therefore more ‘at one’ or connected to the God essence within yourself and within others.

Sharing : What do we mean when we say that we grow through sharing?
When we are willing to share whatever we have with others we are then open to receiving in all ways. Some think it is simply sharing our money by giving to the needy, or by sharing our time doing voluntary work, but that is not the only way to share. We must be willing to share our knowledge. That which you learnt yesterday, today, and even tomorrow, should be shared. And I believe sooner rather than later. Don’t keep your new found knowledge and say ‘one day I’ll pass that on‘. Do it now, tell the next person you meet if they seem to show an interest. By sharing you are helping others. We are all teachers, and teaching is really just about sharing. Sharing what you have learnt through study, or through experience. When you are willing to share with others, they in turn will be willing to share with you, and in this way we each grow through each other’s experiences. It is also showing someone your true self. “Being Real”.

If we hoard our knowledge, it is just like hoarding anything else. It becomes clutter. Clutter in our head with no real use to you because you can’t use it all, you don’t need it all. But when you share your knowledge, you do just the same as when you clear out your clutter. You allow room for more knowledge to pass through!

When we look back over our lives, there have been many experiences, some good, and some bad, some happy, and some sad. All were learning experiences. But did you learn from them? Did you really allow yourself to experience them, or did you just go through it and then pass it off as ‘been there done that‘.

I can remember some years ago, experiencing firsthand the difference between speeding up the vibrations and slowing them down all within the same week. At one point my vibrations were so fast and powerful, that I did give consideration to the fact that my physical body may not be able to contain such a high vibration. I felt like I was on lift off. Happy, happy, happy, but so fast, I felt like I might self destruct. A nice feeling that I think just needed some adjustment. I had someone check my energy field through distance. The remark was ‘amazingly strong energy field’, and then ‘’your energies are scaring me’. When I asked if it was good, bad or like nothing they had ever seen before,‘ they said ‘all of those’. However through the week I then started to experience some emotions that stirred things up a little and I soon came back down to earth, I no longer felt the speed of the vibration flowing through my body as I had only a few days earlier. I lowered my vibration.

When looking at where you are in your growth process, ask yourself the simple question ‘how do I feel?’ Are you sad, anxious, angry, resentful, depressed etc, or are you happy and blissful, excited and joyous? Your answer will tell you where you are in your connection to the God source or your state of oneness.

You will notice that people who have reached a high level of spiritual awareness always seem to be in a state of bliss. They always seem to be happy, laughing, smiling, like the smiling Buddha. They seem to be able to laugh things off and see the funny side of things in all experiences. They have looked at and learned from their experiences and now can see the lighter side of them. When you reach this state of awareness, you no longer look to others judgmentally, critically, jealously or with attachment. You have transcended through the lessons of third, fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions and have nestled yourself firmly in seventh heaven. You are becoming more and more aware of the feeling of ‘oneness’, and your vibrations are becoming extremely fast and you feel very ‘light’. You are truly becoming the ‘lightbeing’. When you have reached this state of being, you will notice that everyone around you is affected by your presence. They tend to feel better by just being around you. Your energy field is strong and energizes others simply coming near your field. You feel alive and in love with life and all you encounter. When you are not feeling this way, you know that you are not in alignment with oneness and you have some work to do. Do the work and continue to do the work and you will find not only the blissful and joyous feeling of the ‘oneness’, but you will also see how in your Power you have become, and how through such a positive energy field you can create all that you truly desire!

Open to your fullness of ‘Self’ and come in touch with your feeling nature!

Sometimes we find that we hold ourselves back by allowing the memories of old hurts to continue to cause pain in our emotional body. We buy back into the drama and the circle begins again. If you have learnt the lessons of the emotional drama, why continue to bring it back to chew over time and time again. By the time we have come this far, we are then wasting time retreading old paths. Now is the time to choose your process. If you choose Ascension, as all LUXOR Light participants do, then it is time to own that choice.
How do you own that choice?
I did this just a few weeks ago with something that was coming up again and again. I was annoyed at myself for buying back into some old stuff. And I said to myself, “why am I doing this, I choose Ascension”… and that was it, that was the affirmation I began to work with every day. “I choose Ascension” and “I pass my memory body through the Ascension flame”. This was ever powerful. It pulled forward an amazing set of circumstances and cleared some almighty issues of strength and boundaries that I have been working with all my life. I realised that finally I have found the strength to “be”… to finally be me, the strong leader that I Am, and to set the boundaries to the limits required on such a path.
As I passed my memory body through the Ascension flame, all feelings related to old painful memories were extinguished, and where I could still remember, if I wanted the feelings associated with the experience were gone. I had learnt what I needed from these experiences and there is no need to hold on to them. In fact even the memory of them does not belong in my mental bodies either, and so I noticed how freeing it was. And, then just to give me the perfect way to find out if I had cleared all this, I was given the most amazing set of circumstances to try it out again. In came the feelings about to take hold. But I remembered… “I choose Ascension”, and I passed my memory body through the ascension flame. And the experience became just that, an experience that I could “be” the observer of. And then yesterday, exactly 11 days after the incident happened, the process came to a close. And today, on the 11th I saw a double rainbow, complete, with a third beginning to grow. A miracle, the miracle I asked for was brilliant in the morning sky, and the song on the radio, “When I woke up, you were Perfect”. It was an 11 story of which I will write about one day, but today I close the door on my 11:11 story, and I welcome the gateway offered by such a set of circumstances, and I share the energy with all of you in this most Miraculous Healing space. We are about to enter into a new phase with the solstice next week. There will be many amazing stories about to unfold as many choose to walk through the gateways and into ascension. We are once again in a most incredible doorway of opportunity with newness awaiting us.
Purge the emotions, rest and wait, for you are about to be thrust forward once again.

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