Friday, 6 June 2008


On the morning of 29th May, I flew to Adelaide to introduce LUXOR Light. This is the first time I have taken LUXOR Light outside Perth other than to Egypt, and now with our first teacher Sue Smith in the UK. I thought, if we are going global then it is time we shared with the rest of Australia. The whole 4 days turned out to be something personal for me, that you will have to wait to read in my book, but I thought I would share some emails with permission of course from one of the participants in the workshop.

Hello Christina,

I cannot thank you enough for coming to Adelaide to share LUXOR Light with us. It has had a subtle yet profound effect on me, and I feel as though a new channel of healing energy has come into play. All good! I did a meditation on Sunday and felt the LUXOR light energy coming through (I seem to rock from side-to-side as opposed to the full on activation that yourself and Mark experience – which I’m secretly thankful for because I don’t think I’m ready for the full whizz-bang episode!) ; )Well, I hope our paths will cross again and I’m certainly interested in learning more about LUXOR light or any other vibrational energy that you are working on so feel free to email me any news you have.Thanks again and best of luck with spreading this new healing energy.Hannah x

I just am so pleased to have met you and hope that next time we meet it will be as exciting and energy filled as the last!Have a great day and thanks again. You are amazing!! The planet is better for LUXOR light. : )H x

Morning Christina,

Well, what a day! Am I thankful to have met you or what!I felt plenty of energy coming through from your email and that continued throughout the evening. This is the same energy I have been feeling since attending your LUXOR light meditation.When you began activating at Crystal Wave I ‘recognised’ the energy as being something very ancient that I used to have to bow to. We weren’t allowed to look when people were channelling this energy as it was so sacred. I also ‘remembered’ that some people had used the energy for bad so it stirred up some of that for me too which was interesting. Of course I know that what you are bringing is pure so I don’t need to worry but I thought I would pass that on. This will make you laugh but I played the Virgin Mary in my school play aged 5 (a sequence of events left me being Mary when I wasn’t initially supposed to... ), ever since then I have had a fixation with the second coming and have always known within me that I was ‘going to be the next virgin mary’ !. That makes me laugh as now I see the symbolism of it all. I have always also believed that we can all understand any language if we negate our bodily ego and allow the voice of the spirit to talk to us. Also true. To anyone else I am sure this would sound like madness but I know now that every single piece of the journey is part of something bigger. I’m a bit spun out by all this but in me I know that ‘it’s time’ although I don’t really know what that means either! But I am ready. And humbled. And thankful. I was humbled to be in your presence during activation and saw ‘you’. (There aren’t real words to say what I want to say so I’ll send them energetically). Thank you Christina and here’s to what I’m sure will be a very interesting relationship.

Hannah x

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