Sunday, 22 June 2008


Wow, the energies throughout June, have been enormous, a very very powerful time. And then the last week we have had the full moon, and the solstice energies. Personally it's been shift after shift for me which started from 29 May. Tuesday 24th we are linking with Lovers of Jerusalem, for the Big Hug, but today the 22nd was a great day to send out that Love energy toward Jerusalem and last minute it was decided to include Zimbabwe. Why today?

Today because we could access the power of the 22, and of course because we are in June, the 6 energy always repesents love, so what better time to send Big Love to troubled areas of the world. But, the whole vibration of the day becomes the 38/11. 11 is always a great opportunity for growth, for surpassing challenges and welcoming yet another glorious Spiritual accomplishment. This particular date incorporating the 3 and the 8, shows through coming into our personal joyous power through forgiveness we can meet those challenges, we can pass the tests and move through yet another portal of Light.

Whatever we do personally, has a grand effect on the rest of the planet. Never doubt your part in the Divine plan. As go you so go the rest of the world. Be Love, Be Joy, Be at One, Be Oneness...........

Don't forget Tuesday 24th The Big Hug

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