Monday, 12 May 2008

Obstacles? What Obstacles?

Wow.... obstacles, obstacles, obstacles. I've just been reading a fantastic book called Initiation and I feel as if someone has been writing about my life on the Ascension path, it couldn't be more clear if I were writing it myself.
The tests that we set ourselves that sometimes block the process. Time and time again we put obstacles in the way in order to hinder our way. It's not that we can stop the process, but we can certainly slow it down somewhat! So something fantastic comes your way, and what do you do... stick a great big obstacle in the way. What do you do, quit? or show Spirit that this is a test you are not going to fail! Bless the challenge, bless the obstacle for bringing to your attention your lessons.
As we know the more we move up the path of initiation, the more challenges and apparent chaos we attract in and around us. Just another test, and the reward comes when we realise we found a win win situation. We learn the lesson and we move forward. Oh, but no, here we go again, moving up the ladder... do you really want to move ahead, or do you want to stay where you are??? I look at my own process and see how for many years now I have been constantly faced with big challenges/obstacles that many would have quit and put in the too hard basket. But, nope, not me, I've kicked on and each time I have been able to see the strength I have gained in the doing so.
This book is a little reminder and I feel good about all my challenges past and present and even future. Everything is always temporary and soon moves on. I do tend to see things as a sign, but I always look and see what is this sign? A sign to stop, or a sign to go? I usually go, the stopping is so so boring.
I have a friend who said just the other day, that without all the changes and upheaval and needing to duck and weave she would be bored. Ha, I thought, she's joined the ranks with me...
This month is a month of clarity and a month of accessing the freedom of Spirit.... the freedom of expansion and the freedom of stepping into your Truth. Take some action this month and do something toward your purpose............. good dates are 17th because coupled with the 5th month it is a 22!! LUXOR Light frequency commands!!!!
18.5.2008 is a 33..........the perfect frequency for finding your life's mission or purpose, then Thursday 22nd of course once again accessing the mighty 22!!
Use these dates to get into the LUXOR Light energy and power your life with vitality purpose and healing.
I'm excited, how about you........
Oh yes and Sue starts her course in the UK that same weekend!!!! Well done Sue, what better way to kick off LUXOR Light and empower those that are ready for the dynamic energy of LUXOR Light.

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