Sunday, 4 May 2008

Meditation Tours to Sacred Sites Luxor, Egypt

In April of 2007, the first of LUXOR Light Spiritual Tours began in Luxor Egypt. In March of 2008, LUXOR Light celebrated it's 4th birthday in Luxor with the second group "Activating the Solar Cross of Global Change".
In October 2008 we welcome the third of these Sacred Events in Luxor. Each time the workshops and tours will serve a different purpose but all with the aim of accellerating your own ascension process while connecting with the energies of Ancient Egypt in Luxor, the home of the Ascension Temple held in the etheric above Luxor.
These are powerful opportunities to assist you in making a difference on our planet and in playing your part in anchoring Heaven on Earth.
Next Tour Begins October 9-14

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