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Meditation Evening 7.5.2008=22

Trusting your Truth and accessing the strength of 22 while drawing on the energies of the Valley of the Kings.

Back in Perth, Western Australia and what a perfect date to transport the strength that we have been working with in Luxor over the 3 months of January to April this year. The trips that I have to Egypt have a three-fold purpose. The first being to access the Light of Luxor and transport it back to Australia. The second being to offer the frequency of LUXOR Light to others in the world so that they may take it back to their home lands and assist in lifting the light frequencies of others, and the third is to allow potential LUXOR Light teachers to initiate themselves into the frequencies of Luxor and Egypt itself, where it all began so long ago in Ancient Egypt. However, there are many other personal purposes taking place at the same time for myself and for those that attend the Spiritual Tours that I’m initiating over there now.
Riana, Taylor and I arrived in Luxor on 16 January and the story began to unfold. It was a personal 33 day for me and my intention on that day was to go out into the desert and make the calls to the Spirit of Egypt to let them know we had arrived and that our purpose should begin.
One could not have foreseen the circumstances that would unfold in the coming months as living in the moment meant that we had to be ready for every twist and turn and be able to handle changes at the flick of a switch.
I didn’t get to the desert on that day. It is just too hard in this land of Egypt to expect anything to ever go according to plan. Everything is on Egypt time, and unless you have lived there, I don’t think you could really understand what this means. There really is no time in Egypt and so it is a mighty challenge at times to expect everything to go according to plan. “After tomorrow” is the usual answer when you want something done. But tomorrow never comes and so after tomorrow is even harder to catch up with!!
I had manifested the seemingly perfect location, for our stay and for the groups to come, and it was perfect, because that is all there is. Nubian House overlooking the Valley of the Kings, a three story hotel, all for us. I stood outside on the balcony and heard the words “I have come home to die”. That couldn’t possibly be right, I think what meant to come through was LUXOR Light has come home to its resting place! Well as it turns out the tests that unfolded from day one proved to show that yes I actually had come home to make the choice of whether I had the strength to take LUXOR Light on to its next phase.
I had agreed to step into the global arena with LUXOR Light, but hadn’t really given it any thought as to what amount of strength I would need for this to happen. Egypt and the Middle East are my main places of purpose at this point in time and therefore if I were to meet the challenges of trying to bring this energy of transforming chaos into peace, then I had better be prepared to face some big challenges. I had better be prepared to be able to create some stillness within the chaos, and I had better be prepared to stand in my Truth and have strength, greater strength than I have had to pull on before, and I’ve had some good lessons of strength in my life to prepare me for just this. However, I did not know about any of this until later. That’s the usual way it is or we wouldn’t go into the situations in the first place. Anyway that is all a long story, and that is not the purpose of this right now. Now we are to utilise the strength that the energy of the 22 can give us and to access the strength of the mountains that guard the Valley of the Kings, the walls of protection guarding the Pharaoh’s tombs as they continue their journey into the afterlife. And, what better place for this to all take place than at the Valley of the Kings. The Valley of Kings was known as the Place of Truth.
I was going to need strong boundaries and boundaries are what it is all about with the 22. My life lesson is 22, so my life is all about drawing lessons of creating strong boundaries. LUXOR Light as we know resonates to the strength of the 22, the Master Number that must make master accomplishments. LUXOR Light protects and creates strong boundaries for our spiritual journey/ascension.
It’s only now that I can see the significance of the position of where we stayed, overlooking the mountains that guard the Valley of the Kings, as the Kings enter into the afterlife.
The mountains represent the 22 - the boundary, the protective shield.
Journey into the Afterlife - Ascension
Place of Truth - Throat chakra
LUXOR Light breeds warriors of Light, Leaders of Light and prepares you for strength and commitment into your ascension and to assist humanity and the earth herself in her journey.
In the Tarot, the 22 is The Fool. Put this into perspective and see that there can be a wonderful facade to this amazing strength that we are able to access as we step deeper into the frequency. Still light hearted but strong, only those that have access to the mighty truth can see beyond the facade and see the Truth.
On our journey through the chakras on our path of initiation, we recognise that it is the initiation of the throat holds all our challenges. The throat chakra initiation can only be passed once you have taken the step beyond the heart and are ready to meet the challenges that lie within the throat. This is a place where you may feel you have been crucified. As the earth takes her steps into the 5th dimension she may still be challenged with 4th dimension issues of which the clearing of the throat chakra is one. The area of the land of Egypt and the Middle East is still struggling with moving forward and into the 5th dimension. They still have many challenges to move out of the old ways. Those Light workers who choose to assist in this process of helping the world to move beyond these states may find themselves in areas such as the Egypt, Africa and Middle East. It all began in Egypt, so we must pull through much of the misuse of energy left from old times and into the future, or into the Light. It makes sense that as we clear completely through the land of Egypt then we can then move more fully into the land of Israel where it is said that Armageddon will take place. This predicted date was to be around the 20th of April this year. Let us celebrate for it did not happen! All the work that the Light Workers of the world have been doing has made sure that this event did not take place. However, there is still much work to be done. We must still move fully into Truth!
We may have cleared these issues for ourselves and you can choose to sit back and relax, or you can choose to continue to clear for others. In this process we agree to take on the challenges for the betterment of humanity, for the bigger picture, and we must have strength to do this. We need strength of purpose and strength within. The ascension process is a continual journey, one that we can choose to go as far as we like. I choose to continue onward meeting every challenge along the way.
Every time I set off for Egypt I am met with challenges or energies that appear to be trying to hold me back from setting foot on the land that I have agreed to assist in the anchoring of Light. It just makes me more determined, and as frustrating as it is at times, looking back over the incidences that arise is always so enlightening and actually very fulfilling to see that I have passed yet another challenge.
If you pass the initiation at the throat you will have moved to a place of new mastery and will then be tested once again at the initiation of the brow. Here you will find challenges of leadership, and you will be faced with decision at the level of leadership or even personal choice points of moving into the higher initiations. It continues on to the initiation at the crown where you move into the process of resurrection.
My own personal process during this trip to Egypt showed many times my climb through the path of initiations, and now I can see that relevance to which bodies were passing through the process of ascension. We must pass all initiations on all levels and all bodies and it is a continual climb, one that as we step into Unity we are met time and time again with the challenges of being a part of bringing Unity Consciousness to our planet. We are met with the challenges of holding the space for others to work through their path of initiation. It is not an easy road, but one that with the strength of 22 and LUXOR Light we are finding the personal growth rising to even higher levels than that which we have seen before.
The group that took part in Activating of the Solar Cross of Global Change will each have noticed the challenges and processes they were lead through while meeting their own tests of initiation.
Gathering to work in Unity consciousness sounds a wonderful gentle process, and we can be taken by surprise when we see that in fact, many of us are still not ready for Unity, and we are faced with challenges to reflect our own inner conflict, and our own inner chaos. The challenge is whether we can recognise the mirror or if we settle into judgment.
LUXOR Light speeds up the healing process, and choosing to take part in the land of Egypt on the soil of The Place of Truth is usually an experience that you will never forget.
This trip brought forth many potential teachers as they grew in strength and Truth as they trusted their own process and placed themselves into the place of self enquiry and came out Trumps!

There will be a series of 6 in this process to anchor the completion of the Activation of the Solar Cross of Global Change on home soil.
It is time for me to lay down my teaching in Perth. It is time for me to move onward and in this process I need to “let go” of my attachment to the LUXOR Light Initiation Course. By August of this year we will have new teachers to facilitate the workshops in Perth. Sue Smith begins her journey into Teaching LUXOR Light in the UK in just a few days. I will move into teaching interstate in Australia purely to find teachers in those states. I will then place my focus on the Sacred Spiritual Tours in Luxor and on the Nile. I am available for these Global Ascension Evenings, for personal healings, one on one sessions of enquiry, and for KEYS Enoch healing. My phone number is 0430026133 and I will be in Australia between Perth and Adelaide until September when the next Sacred Spiritual Tour will take place in Luxor, Egypt. If you are interested get back to me by phone, or by email: and please feel free to network this information. After my return in late October this year I hope to focus on Brisbane.
Many, many Blessings of LUXOR Light to you

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