Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Coming to Egypt and Luxor especially was definitely the most exciting experience of my life so far. I absolutely loved it that the whole course centred around meditations and the places you picked for the meditations were absolutely mind blowing.

From the desert meditation on day one to the meditations at the accommodation. I loved the way that everyone sat and experienced the energy together, I couldn't have met Egypt in a more nurturing way. It gave me a chance to fully intergrate the energy of Luxor and Egypt while allowing me to access all of my past life connections at my own pace.

I've gotta say I think you and Ashraf made a fantastic team, it did feel as though we were being looked after by our mother and father guardians (you and Ashraf) everywhere we went. I felt as though I didn't have to worry about any of the travel arrangements or anything for anywhere that we went to and that made it easy to just enjoy the experience. I do miss the Nile and Luxor desperately.

As for the Luxor Light, I wondered just what you and Sue were experiencing when you were both activating at different times and I wanted to experience it myself, but what I did experience I didn't expect. The whole time I was in Luxor I felt as though I were floating and I know now that no amount of grounding was going to make any difference because my light body was vibrating at such a fast rate and I just had to get used to it.

When we meditated for the first time I could feel this huge amount of light coming through me and during the meditations after that it just got stronger and stronger. I could feel my whole being pulsing with light and energy, I've never felt anything this strong before and I think it's fantastic.

I've done two healings since I've been back and I definitely feel the Luxor Light coming through because I seem to go to a deep place of meditation when it comes through and since Egypt I have Sekhmet working with me so she amplifies everything and does her own thing. I feel like I've finally got hold of the 'good stuff' as if all of the other healing energies that I've been introduced to were just leading me to you and the Luxor Light. It's also opened up old memories of lives in Egypt and Atlantis because the energy feels familiar to those lives.

Say hello to Taylor for me, he really did keep me grounded throughout the whole workshop, he's fantastic!

Loads of Love,

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