Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Testimonials of Egypt 2008

A few words from Riana...I never cease to be amazed by you, and the strength, courage and determination you show, despite all that you are often faced with. I do not have words to tell you how much I have learnt and grown through the short time and experience of being around you in Egypt. Everybody I have come into contact with since I've been back has commented on how much I have changed, and although I feel different, I cannot see the changes that they see, but I do know for whom I need to thank, for the ongoing love, support, patience and forgiveness that was shown to me through it all.
.....and just out of idle curiousity I plugged in 'language of light' and am reading through what came up. One of the sites had info that has brought a lightbulb moment for me, in the realisation that the way in which you use the language of light is two way. Not only in receiving for our own ascention and DNA, but also in the giving for the earth and its structures - in this it is a two way process, something I had not realised before....and so a new level of understanding begins to settle inside of me, in all that I've seen and experienced with you. The one moment that comes to mind very strongly, is when you made the calls out in the desert standing in the symbol.....I have never before felt the earth listen like it did at that time
Riana x

Photo: Riana and Walid who owns the internet cafe we frequent. Walid is the web designer for http://www.luxorlight.net/. Thanks Walid I love the new website.

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