Sunday, 16 March 2008


So much has transpired since my arrival in Egypt. We manifested a centre for LUXOR Light, but I had been pre warned to be careful what I ask for, because I will get it and it may not be the right time for it to happen. It seemed to be the answer to many prayers when Ashraf’s sister gave me the opportunity to set up the LUXOR Light centre from her hotel. However, she didn’t really understand what a healing centre was and really she wanted the place to be a hotel. It all became too difficult to interpret and with the communication breakdown and other obstacles, we moved on and took the group to another location for the duration of the workshop. I was lucky enough to have been contacted by someone just before I left Australia who gave me the contact of an Irish woman with a centre called the “Flower of Light Centre”, and as it turned out we relocated there until the course was complete.
I have now relocated to Ashraf’s village in El Qurna and am settling in to village life.
The group completed their 6 day intensive workshop/tour and have mossied on to Israel. Originally I was to go to Israel and then members of the group asked if they could join me. But, as it turns out it is not time for me to go once again, and I have chosen to stay behind in Egypt to get settled into life here and set up home so I can relax into the way of life and get on with my work.
The workshop become a spiritual tour of Ancient Egyptian sacred sites incorporating LUXOR Light activations and clearings, and it worked fantastically! I’m looking forward to running more of these tours in order to bring LUXOR Light to the world outside of Australia.
There have been many challenges to the settling in to Egypt, but really it appears to be no different to what is happening to all of us in some way or another. I have listened to the processes of the individuals that were a part of the group here in Luxor, and some through emails and see that really we are all stepping into a major place of change incorporating strength and commitment to our purpose. One day at a time is what it takes, and certainly a valued exercise in learning to be in the NOW.
For me challenges are very rarely of the spiritual order but more about being able to adjust to life on this amazing planet… being human in fact. I am certainly not without ego for if I were I would not need to be here. I’ve had many opportunities to witness my ego of late and while I would prefer not to, she/he is a fantastic teacher. A very valued participant in my first year of teaching colour therapy once used the saying “don’t confuse the message with the messenger”. I’ve always remembered this and have been amused at times to see how many people confuse me (the messenger) with the message, I certainly have a fa├žade that is hard to see through at times. Personality plus, or ego plus, it really doesn’t matter how you term it, but I have one just like everyone else, and I thank the Creator for that, because there is so much to learn through it.
I’ve been so preoccupied with setting up the centre and writing the new work for the group and then being with them, that I haven’t had time for blog entries so let’s hope I can now get back to the order of the day and keep you all up to date and informed with the new energies filtering through LUXOR Light.
I have no idea how long I can stay in Egypt, but given that my life’s work is complete in Australia, I really hope to be able to manage to stay here. I guess it is just another challenge that I really hope I can conquer. I love this place, it is so magical, so real and yet unreal, so easy and yet so hard. I love the people, especially the villagers where I am staying, and Ashraf’s family. This is my fifth trip in the last 2 years and of course the longest stay. I’ve been here now for 2 months and yet if feels like I’ve been here forever. The experiences/challenges have been constant and yet they just strengthen me more and more. Ashraf, Taylor and I work really well together although Taylor (my 9 year old son) does miss his home and wants to return to the comforts and modern technology of which I was hoping to steer him away from for a little while. However, he has become the full bottle on Ancient Egypt and was a great little source of information for myself and the group as we visited the tombs and temples of Luxor….a budding little Egyptologist and photographer!
Two of LUXOR Light’s trainee teachers have stayed on here with me and also staying at Ashraf’s. One, Sue Smith from the UK is doing some one on one to with me prepare her for the step into facilitating workshops in the UK, and Riana because she can!
Who knows what the next chapter for LUXOR Light is and how it will pan out, all I know is I am ready and I am sure I am strong enough, but can I pull it off????
Many many blessings of LUXOR Light to you all…..

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