Saturday, 29 March 2008

Egypt Testimonials

Thankyou Christina,
You have always inspired me with your
determination, courage, discipline to follow your intuition,
path and love for what you do work wise. For
some of us that does not always come clearly or
obviously (me for one - but it's got clearer since
egypt, thank you) and maybe for you at times. But
the gut always tells you what is!
Spoke with Chantal this morning (she's gorgeous),
and we both noticed how much more 'of the faith'
we are since egypt - not allowing drama or ego's affect how we are. She thinks we are still drunk from the energy - and maybe so - but I love 'this' being drunk!!!! It's a wonderful feeling. Had a 15min reading on Easter Friday - came out of nowhere, really strange but went with intuition, and
Melchizedek came thru very clearly, saying my higher purpose to be happy, have no fear, be the
example of my beliefs - and not worry what others think or say - they are getting what they need. And asked me if I had recognised the miracles in my life - AND YES I HAVE!! So trust and create more!! There are miracles to come. To meditate with crystal pyramids, did I have one (YES the alabaster one Ashraf gave us all), and my energy has highly evolved w!
Some was to do with Egypt. Things were moved so I could make the trip and protected all they way - had I noticed?? AND I DID!!! I am noticing how much I have cleared in toxicity of the physical and mental states. And feel healthier than I have ever felt.

Thank you Christina for all that you do. Leisa

Thankyou so much for everything you and Ashraf did for us in Egypt, I really got a lot out of it. I've been having some amazing dreams which are telling me to do more spititual things.

Linda V.

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