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March 16, 2007
Entering into the desert.
Day 1 of the course we got up at sunrise dressed in galibeyas and headed out to the desert by camel. We weren’t’ heading anywhere in particular just to find a good spot for the first meditation on Activating the Solar Cross of Global Change. There were 12 of us taking part plus the two boys and Ashraf to give us the balance of the masculine. We stopped at a Coptic Christian Monastery nestled in the desert on route to our spot behind the mountains. With coffins laying around symbolising the death of the old ways, with their lids open implying resurrection into the new life We entered into the monastery grounds and into the Church. It was a very peaceful space and the Nuns that live here surely representing dedication to their own path back to the God force.
Back on to the camels and on a little further into the desert. We stopped behind the mountains and settled into a nice shady spot to meditate. It was the 3rd of March my birthday and the eve of LUXOR Light birthday. The group that chose to be a part of this had said yes to become all that they can be, and chose to take part in a workshop that would assist them into stepping into empowerment. Becoming empowered does not come without challenges, and without testing the balance within. Learning to hold your hold your space within the chaos, being non judgemental and recognising that the buttons that are pushed within you are only reflections of your own imperfections. Honouring the process that others must go through in order to come to their place of empowerment as each participant steps up a little more and a little more. One may expect participation in these workshops to be absolute bliss at every moment, but while the workshop time itself may bring these states, the time outside of participating in the meditations can bring the absolute opposite. We are wanting to be a part of Global Change, and this is an enormous task. Enormous tasks take enormous training and sometimes enormous opportunities to see how we can hold our balance in amongst the chaos. Each of us were given the opportunity to trial our strength, integrity in what we believe in and witness the amount of judgement, compassion, and dedication that we hold within our chakras. The concepts that are needed to become the leader of the new era were ever constantly showing themselves in either gifts or challenges. How each participant handled them can only be felt by the individual and I know for myself the more I step into the Global arena, the more challenges rise up to meet me and my strength is tested every step of the way.

This particular day we were working with the frequencies of the Christ and also the frequencies of Sirius,(the original home of the Christ) to assist us with the Transition Stage of moving consciousness from one reality or frequency to another. We were focussing on setting the foundations for powerful change both personally and globally so we may step into the era of Truth. We found our place at the foot of the mountains and set up a LUXOR Light symbol incorporating the Star of David with the stones of the desert and sat in communion with the Christ and the Magdalene and surrounded by the Ashtar Command who guided and protected us throughout our journey. We then travelled back to Luxor by camel ready to celebrate that evening the birthday of LUXOR Light.

It is only now on reflection that I can see the enormity in it, and understand all the challenges and obstacles that presented themselves to me from the time I arrived in Egypt in January until the completion of the group work. I understand the lessons and the achievements and am happy with the outcome of this journey and look forward to the next. I am now settled and feeling at home and actually have time to chill out. .

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