Friday, 22 February 2008

Global 33

Today the 21.2.2008 on the Luna Eclipse, the date becomes the global vibration of 33, and my soul vibration, we decided that today was the day to set the energies of the solar cross in the grounds of the Centre before we add the triangle to complete the symbol of LUXOR Light.
At 11:33 with the double 3’s to envelop the energies of the Ascended Masters and the double 1’s to set the intentions of our thoughts, we focused our energies to unite Alpha and Omega at the heart and expanded the energies to utilise the one unified chakra incorporating Alpha and Omega. With Riana’s help we walked the labyrinth of the Solar Cross/Equilateral Cross of Unity also the symbol of the Great White Brotherhood to set the energy in motion. Focusing on the heart and breathing from Source to Mother Earth each step of the way we moved from top to bottom and circled, left to right and circled. We repeated the moves 3 times and then met within the centre of the symbol to meditate at 11:44. So with our intentions set with the 1’s and the double 4’s to bring in the energies of the Arch Angels the encoding began, and the Language of Light poured through me in mantric style. The whole process was finished at 11:55 when we stepped out of the circle, the activation complete. Again, the 1’s are our intentions set through our thoughts and the double 5’s are the BIG changes we are about to welcome. 22 minutes of Activation process.

On the 17th January we arrived in Luxor and within 2 hours I was given the use of “Nubian House” for LUXOR Light. It is a 3 storey building with 11 bedrooms and as many bathrooms overlooking the Valley of the Kings. It belongs to Ashraf’s sister Jahane, and has been empty for 2 years since her husband died. She wants me to stay forever and use the house to accommodate the LUXOR Light groups or anything I want really, just to help her. She doesn’t live here but just down the road, and so we have been trying, in Egypt time, to get beds built and other preparations ready to accommodate the group arriving next week.
It’s funny how things happen. I had no idea where we would accommodate the group and I didn’t even really know where I was going to stay as Ashraf’s apartment is too small for all of us. I remember being told to think big when it came to manifesting, and I joked about having a really big house in Luxor with a garden to accommodate all of us and the group when they came to stay and a healing room etc. Well, I got it, now I just have to manifest the work to be able to stay here.
I have written a new manual with a great itinerary incorporating LUXOR Light activation processes and metaphysical tours of all the sacred sites around Luxor to become a 6 day intensive programme.
The group begin to arrive on the 28th February, including film crew from the UK that are making a documentary and I have been asked to be featured in it. The film crew from the UK are also taking part in the workshop. It will be an interesting journey, one which I hope will lead to many more workshops in Luxor so I can stay and write my book/books and record my CD’s. Well here it is ... out there for the Universal Bank of Abundance to provide for me. Oh I should mention that I also need a tutor or some form of schooling for Taylor so he WILL do some work. Or maybe I should manifest that I am a hard task master and manage to get him to do it anyway. He could also do with a friend to play with. But, be careful what I wish for as they say, I might just get it.......... I really have no idea what is to be for me. I have no home in Australia any more. I have managed to offload all my furniture and have no cash, so I guess it means I am in the NOW and I shall wait and see what is to be........................

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