Monday, 21 January 2008

LUXOR Light Retreat and Meditation Centre


Overlooking The Valley of the Kings

in the village of Quna, Luxor Egypt

Egypt Phone: 0021103894397



o $28 per night

o free internet (coming)


o LUXOR Light

o KEYS Enoch DNA Sound Healing


o LUXOR Light

o KEYS Enoch Sound activated

o The Way of the Cobra – Pathway to the Higher Mind

o Colour


o one on one or group work

§ Intense part 1,2,3 over 21 days

· 4 week retreat includes Practitioner Level 1

LUXOR Light Facilitator Training

· Nile Chakra cruises

o Incorporating meditations at significant points along the Nile

· Clearly Colour Conscious - Colour Therapy

o Psychology

o Subtle Bodies

o Therapeutic

§ Separate course not necessarily LUXOR Light focused to practitioner level

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