Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year - Activating Divine Mind

NEW BEGINNINGS…………..2008=10/1
This last year has been one of letting go, of release on many levels. Many of us have found that as the year drew nearer to the end the releases became more frequent. Some being easy to let go and others causing some difficulty. What happens in a 9 vibration is that what no longer serves us must go. The cycle will usually present us with the circumstances to do just that. If we resist and hold on, it is a long wait for such an opportunity to come by again. Another 9 years in fact. So we have let go, we have released on the level of the material, on the level of the emotions, and the mental levels. And now we will step into a vibration of new beginnings where we can welcome all the doors that will be opened for us now that we have made room for the new energy.
Sunday morning the back door that is closed and is not used somehow just opened all by itself. I noticed it straight away and asked if anyone had opened it. No, they hadn’t. So I saw what a beautiful sign.. Doors are opening and so easily. This was an obvious sign to read, but in the last few weeks the doors have already begun to open for me, with offers of land, somewhere to stay, and of course the exciting opportunity of being featured in a documentary. Then on Saturday I was approached by the internet by someone in Luxor with some more fantastic offers to help us with our time while we are there. …
Again it is important for us to look at the numbers because the story is always there, thankyou Pythagoras for your wisdom and insights that show us so simply how we can read the global energies.
2008 is about co-creating with the Goddess, supported by the Crystaline frequencies of the Godforce and awakening to the infinite codes of light. This is an exciting time because the frequencies touch everyone on the planet and it is no longer just the few who tap into these energies. It is certainly a time of new beginnings, kickstarting us once again deeply into the new era fully supported on all levels.
We welcome these new energies today on the 1st of the 1st 2008 which again becomes the 1. So we have all the one’s. This is very much a thinking time and a time when we are also controlled by our thoughts, so it is important to make sure your thoughts are very harmless and focused on what you wish to manifest in your life in a positive way. It is a time for a clear mind… Eshta Mana……

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