Thursday, 22 November 2007

Higher Heart Higher Mind

LOVE VIBRATION - incorporating two Master numbers
Looking at the numbers… 22
Accomplishing in a BIG way.
Dare the mighty deeds you never dared before.
Promise of success, and
Expressing the God Force.
In the Tarot the Major Arcarna begins at the first Key No 1and continues to the Key of 21. The minor arcarna then begins at the first key of 23 and continues until the last key of 78. It would appear that the key of 22 is missing. I find this very interesting because when I wrote the work for LUXOR Light in 2004, I totally missed writing the 22nd Dimension until 12 months later. How co-incidental, or maybe not!! Because the circle of life has no ending, we can see that the Key 0, known as the fool is also the 22nd key. This is the lifeforce entering manifestation. My understanding of the number 0 is that it shows the power of the Godforce just as 22 does. In LUXOR Light after we complete the 22nd initiation which in our system is the 24th dimension we are then ready to enter into our true power, a power of harmlessness, and step into the God Force forever climbing the ladder of initiation to return “Home” at an accelerated rate. To work solidly (22) towards Ascension. You step beyond the present incarnation and begin a new cycle of life, one of Service for the Greater Good, one of Trust and dedication.
22 is the ancient numerical value for the circle, representing the Alpha and the Omega, and of course with the LUXOR Light symbol the circle in sacred mathematics equates to the number 8 and the essence of infinity, the equilateral cross equates to the number 7 and the triangle also equates to the number 7, the sacred mathematical sum of the LUXOR Light symbol is 22, and so it goes on.
I has been written that the Essenes had 22 initiations to pass in their mystery schools and so it is with LUXOR Light, though not planned that way.
The circles shows us that we never come to our limits, never come to our full potential, but forever strive toward that goal.
As we move beyond the 24th dimension and step into the Realms to the 78th Realm and beyond, we are so much more in our Power. But this power is a power of harmlessness and to create harmlessness.
LUXOR Light shows us that as we continue on our path of harmless power and into the infinite codes of light, we assist humanity in creating a harmless planet Earth. This harmlessness begins within ourselves. It’s about recognising how we create harm by our thoughts and amplifying it with our actions, but so too can we create “harmlessness” by our thoughts and our actions.
Through the power of the 22 can we achieve on a Grand scale that state of harmlessness as we take responsibility for our actions. We are not perfect and we can slip up, but, being vigilant in cleaning up our own mess brings us to that state of harmlessness more and more. Our energy field expands even greater, reaching out further, touching others and affecting others with the touch of Love and the essence of Peace.
In the tarot, the Fool (Key 0 or 22) represents the super consciousness. The superconsciousness is where we access that Higher Mind Knowledge that LUXOR Light so quickly takes you to.
In Latin, “Fool” or follis means bag of wind. This makes me laugh because my life lesson is the 22... Am I learning to be a bag of wind??!! Some would say I have already achieved that!
Many a genius has been called a fool at some time for their belief’s, and as we all know by now that we too are accused of being the fool on this journey. At these levels that we are working at, there is much lack of understanding from those that are still fear based and not operating from the Trust process. It is not a judgement on their behalf but it is simply that they can not yet “get it” until they have visited these realms - the realms of the unknown.
It can be a lonely world for the one who is considered the fool, so it takes courage to tread this path, but 22 is a number of greatness and of strength so we continue to strive ahead meeting the challenges and allowing nothing to stop us.
Consciousness is but a state of mind and when there is a conscious use of harmless power combined with that perfected state of being (22) you become the “Being” of Peace!
The 11th Month and the Power of 11.
Again another Master number….the power of the 11 draws on the cosmic forces to attain inspiration, enlightenment ad cosmic consciousness. It is a vibration of accessing the creative mind - the power of thought used in service can be a mighty thing. The tarot symbolism for Key 11 is about bringing about the laws of cause and effect, assisting us to overcome the mistakes of the past. Be awake to the messages lying behind the month of November and welcome the opportunities to clear up misunderstandings and ask to clear any karma that you may have created. We are all guilty of being Human….some say we are an experiment gone wrong…let’s make us right.
2007 becomes the 9 - completion, changes, humanitarianism and higher wisdom. The vibration of the 9 is very fast, so things move very quickly. We are nearing the end of this 9 year so things will be gearing up for completion if you have not already let go of those things that no longer serve you. If we look at the 2 of co-operation and harmony in partnerships with the 0 of the God force and the energy of the 7 of the Father, one of inspiration and enlightenment, we can see what it is that we are to achieve with this year. It is a time of transition into the Higher Realms. In the tarot the 9 represents the Hermit, who stands alone symbolising ageless wisdom and shining his light for others to follow. He has discarded all that no longer serves him and has achieved Mastery in so doing.
The true Humanitarian is one who is ready for this, and we are all being called to meet this vibration. You are being called to become the Universalist, who is willing to reach out to the multitudes and share your knowledge, your wisdom and your understanding.
You are being asked through the 22, the 11 and the 2007, to clear up your karma, to draw on the cosmic forces to dare to do great deeds for mankind. You are being asked to step up and meet the challenge that all Masters are asked to meet. You are being asked to be like the Master and achieve the level of consciousness that can take this planet into ascension and into Peace.
If you add up all the numbers you come to 42/6. This is the Love Vibration, and it is through the heart and in partnership with others that we can attain a co operative world. It is through harmony of the mind and a meeting of heart and mind that we can reach the essence of Higher Love and Higher Mind.
It is about the coming together of the Masculine and the Feminine in harmony and co-operation, powered by such Master numbers as the 22 and the 11, brings it to the level of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that we are brought together as one world under the same vibration to achieve Unity and Oneness under the Glory of the Golden essence of the higher frequency of the 2007/9 vibration.
And who should represent the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, but The Christ and The Magdalene, whose presence is strong with us tonight as we awaken to the Keys that unlock the doors of hidden potential as we welcome the frequencies of the new Higher World.
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