Wednesday, 3 October 2007

On the Wings of a Snow White Dove

Dare those mighty deeds you've never dared before
Brave the fear that held you back from opening the door
Claim the Power
Claim the Love...
It's what you came here for.............
What a beautiful Spring morning it is 3.10.2007=22!!
Ah I love that number. It's a Master achiever. And I certainly feel like the Master achiever right now. Day 3 and my son is off to work... those that know the story will know what a master achievement that is. Last month our month of endings was certainly a month to be celebrated for all time!! We achieved on a grand scale energetically and personally. I looked at the dates and numerology of the amazing accomplishments that happened within my own family and the biggest achievement in our month of endings was the closure to the of years lost for my son. I looked at my sons numerology for the year and he is working his Soul vibration....... well, well well...and the month of September when he had his accidents and "wake up" calls were in a 29/11 vibration, a higher octave of his Soul vibration where he was to co create endings........and his final accident was on a personal 9 day! I guess he is in the flow....A cause for celebration!

I was reading a channeling of Kryon the other day and he mentioned that we forget to celebrate the things that didn't happen!! Instead those that are stuck in the 3D mind set tend to place their thoughts on the negative aspects, seeing life as a drama instead of seeing the accomplishments we actually achieve. Celebrating life, and celebrating our wake up calls and our endings. Some go into doom and gloom over the endings cycle thinking only in the negative, instead of celebrating the fantastic opportunity for things to come to a closure that you may have been waiting for for a very long time. That has certainly happened for me. I see everything that came about in the month of September, both personally and globally as an amazing time of completion of the old energies that no longer serve us. So why are we not celebrating!!!! I am, I feel joyous and I welcome this month of October and it's opportunities of new beginnings. Already I have my "little white dove" and as my Ark is now grounded never to float again, I can see my direction being driven closer to landing in Egypt for a much longer stay than previously. Afterall, when the waters lowered and the ark landed, it landed in Egypt, so I figure that's my sign. Everything has been taken care of, I don't have any of the old 3D attachments of contracts of houses or cars any more..........September, what an amazing month and how clever to sort it out so quickly. The Universal energies are so clever... just be in the flow, don't fight the current.

Today is a Master accomplishing vibration.... if you read this on the day, dare to do something big, or at least dare to think big! If you read this after today, look back and recognise that you did do something big and I am sure globally there is something big being accomplished right now as we speak. This is an energy to teach us.........recognise the teacher, don't focus on the lesson because the lesson is the teacher!!!!!

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