Monday, 3 September 2007

A World of Bliss

September has arrived and already the shifts are being felt. We had the evening of the 31st August 2007 = 48/3 (my exact soul vibration) to push us forward into the new energies about to shower upon us with such beauty and bliss. I travelled to my home town on the 1st to spend the weekend with my family for Fathers Day…….a return to my earthly routes so to speak. When arriving home at around 2am on the 3rd September and drifting off to sleep the anchoring of the new light began. Dreams of reconnecting with my beginning of the ascension process some years back at the Celestial Dolphin Centre in Dongara Western Australia. I realised just this morning that it would be about 11 years since that connection started. A year that I was working a 29/11 vibration...... interesting because I am living in a 29/11 house right now and I moved in to share a room with my son at my ex husbands house 29 years to the day that I first went out with him. My ex husband is working a 29/11 Life Lesson....... I know it is a completion, a healing for the family for me to be here for however short a period it will be. As I was to leave Dongara last night I bumped into the person who started the Celestial Dolphin Centre……….interesting because I could not quite figure why it had happened after so many years, but my sleep was full of reconnecting on the sub conscious level with much healing and my body activating through the cobra initiation process and waking with my arm doing large circles in the air……… full circle is my morning interpretation. My body has been buzzing all night and still into the early afternoon. A busy sleep and even still the 3.9.2007=21/3 my soul vibration… It never ceases to amaze me that every time the date resonates with my Soul I have a significant energy awakening. I am ready and willing to take part in the new beginnings waiting for me. A time to move on and awaken to duty.
I became aware through my visits to the Thorn Tree Travel Forum of a walk and meditation around the Great Pyramid on the 9th September… 9.9.9 day and decided it is a must for me to take part in this process and I invite all who can to also do the same. For those of us in and around Perth , Kings Park, Biblmum Track, or Bibra Lake is feeling very inviting to spend the day working our global and personal intentions….contact me for more information and confirm times and place. The energies are so intense and exciting all at the same time… the thoughts and ideas running rampant in my mind. January 1, 2008 = 1.1.1 …….. January 10 = 1.1.1 January 19, and January 28, all being 1.1.1 energy days and of course becoming the 3 - the Trinity energy is very significant and stay tuned for my whereabouts on these significant dates. Keep in mind Giza Plateau Egypt, Qumram Dead Sea, Israel, and Luxor Egypt on these dates. And of course the 111 energies are all about keeping our thoughts very focused on positive and in a state of harmlessness. ....... It is my intention that I will be in these areas on these dates to work the tri-dimensional energy through the Sound Keys of Ascension to connect with the sacred Mantra's Lord Metatron has shown me to enter into the Higher Mind awaken and activate the positive thoughtforms of Love and inner peace directing us forward into the new year of new beginnings........................ stay tuned

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