Thursday, 13 September 2007

New Light Codes

It has been a busy night. As I drifted off to sleep Arch Angel Metatron showed gave me a vision. A very large hand holding the earth and the Light was shining from it...... the colours were magnificent. What a beautiful vision to drift off to sleep with. All night Lord Metatron was with me and I awoke at 11:47pm my arms out above me with my hands doing tumbling motions around and around in the infinity motion in and out toward the body, and then my body, my whole body signing the Infinity with a left to right right to left type of action and then upward like a serpent through the central column. Activations of Metatronic frequency through body and then back off to sleep to be aware of Metatrons presence all night. The numbers are always important. 11:47........11 a master number........ 47 becomes 11 and holds the energy of goal setting. 11:11 is a gateway a portal and this portal with these new Light Codes being activated is offering us the opportunity to weigh, test, balance and discard all that no longer serves us in order to move into this new wise and inspiring energy. You can now lead your life through inspiration, and humanitariaism is at an all time high. Your desires can now be fulfilled. Put forth the first step and move into this very magical and mystical energy where miracles can become manifest.
If you add the numbers as they are 1+1+4+7=13. 13 is a number of transformation, a number of constant change. It offers us the opportunity to complete satisfaction and attainment through regeneration or using the tremendous powers of this number to create and leave something of value with the world. It hold enormous potential, and is seen as an all or nothing vibration. These Light Codes are directing us toward spiritual peace, toward change, release and bringing an end to conditions that no longer serve us or the planet. We are moving fast into the new more conscious planet earth.........

I awoke before dawn and Uluru was a very clear vision in my minds eye........not in dream state, but in waking........strong and vivid, and then dancing before my minds eye was happy laughing joyous painted faces of aboriginal children.....................we are making changes, positive changes, and the children of our land are happy. Uluru is the planetary Solar Plexus chakra........The Rainbow Serpent is a ‘great energy current’ that travels the world from Uluru (Ayres Rock), linking ‘planetary increase sites’ or chakras, before meeting it self back in Uluru. The Aborigines knew this serpent well. Their stories tell of two serpents; a female snake Kuniya and her nephew Liru, who meet at Uluru.

I drifted off back to sleep only to a message waking me from my mobile phone from a LUXOR Light practitioner asking me for the mantra to align with Metatron. "Confirmation", was my thought and so now I share with you all, the mantra to align you with Lord Metatron, for he is calling all of us now to align with the greatest light and move into the new more conscious and transformed planet earth, into the higher dimensions.............................hendra myeeshta myenta myanto.........hendra myeeshta myenta myanto ............hendra myeeshta myenta myanto ....and guess what, today is the 13th.....
and more confirmation at the bottom of the page... this entry posted at 5:53, not the actual time I posted it, but the time that came means big big changes supported by the Ascended Masters..............

Thankyou Lord Metatron

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