Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Month of Firsts

Lord Metatron showed himself to me yesterday (very much like this picture) during a healing session, then I dreamt about Thoth all night, and today one of my clients was aligned to what I have termed "Return of the Dove Alignment". Now I know my path is significantly working towards me being a part of that, but this was the first client to receive an alignment with the Return of the Dove. The symbol of the cross of light that you can see in this picture of Lord Metatron was the symbol that was placed into this mornings client.........but I see this month as being a month of many firsts, as my second client was the first client I have worked on since I have been encoding the Sound Keys, that has been pregnant. The baby is due on the 22nd of November !!!
LUXOR Light Beings know the significance of this date. Not only that but after the mother received her Sound KEYS the baby wanted to receive what an amazing thing. How exciting for our babies coming in now to ask for such an encodement even before birth...........our new earth ... I feel the excitement!

This is the month of quantum leaps and Metatron is King of the Arch Angels, his energy is a state of being...quantum reality.......... I feel so blessed to be a part of this work with Metatron/Enoch/Thoth for Lord Metatron is name for the Holiest of Holies and this work is moving so very fast.......... LUXOR Light just continues to evolve and takes us to the the Highest levels of Light available to us on the planet today.....Tuesday 18.9.2007... we gather together for another Global Healing for Peace directed toward the Middle East. The power of this second 999 energy day directed to release of the third dimensional state of consciousness and the darkness that has clouded us for so long, and assist the move to a global state of sixth dimensional state of consciousness, a place of choice to move into a state of expansion and into the Higher Mind where only peace can reign. If you can't be with us for this event, register your interest on the comments below or by email and remember to send your intentions on this day ....
May Love and LUXOR Light shine in and through you


  1. Hi Chrisatina, I just want to congratulate you on all of your acheivements, and for being such a beautiful soul.I have just rread your blog page about Arc A Metatron and i did`nt think of the time i sent you that message, i just thought that i had to send it now, so sorry if i woke you, but i have had so many dreams about A A M that i must be going thru something as well, my intensions and thought will be with you on the 18th and i will be with you in spirit and on the 27th i`ll be with you in boby and spirit, so thanks for a great month of special events and intrigue. Let the Lord Light your Soul. Linda

  2. Thanks Linda, you are pretty special yourself you know. I want to thankyou for all the support you have shown me since I first met you in 2005 at that first LUXOR Light workshop.
    Many Blessings to you Precious One


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