Sunday, 9 September 2007

999 New Earth Frequencies

Creating the new earth........... 7 of us met in Kalamunda to walk to Jorgenson Park to meditate in a sacred circle found by dowsing with a twig with the intention of linking with like minded groups for the purpsose of activating the Earth's merkaba to bring about the New Earth. A day of completion and endings.......full circle, a day of awakening.
Stefan told us that Kryon says that today is the day that Indigo's awaken to their purpose.
We had 7 participants... the numbers are always significant. Why 7? According to Pythagoras 7 is the "number of numbers", representing the perfection of the Unit. 7 is known as the manifested Universe, and so as we set our intentions to take into the new era, we recognise that the number 7 makes manifest. It is the statement in the Lord's Prayer "But deliver us from Evil"....It is made up of the 3 the triangle or the trinity and the 4 ....... all four corners of the earth or the quarternery - the equalateral cross.
Stefan brought his best friend and companion "Maxine" his dog... giving us the 8th component to our group. 8 is the sacred mathmatical sum of the circle and the final statement in the Lord's Prayer representing the return to Heavenly consciousness. And the 8 representing the unconditional love symbolised the man's best friend the "dog". So now we add the circle and we have the LUXOR Light symbol. The upward pointing triangle, the equalateral cross both contained within the circle.
As written by H.P. Blavatsky "The number seven was considered sacred not only by all the cultured nations of antiquity and the East, but was held in the greatest reverence even by the later nations of the West. The astronomical origin of this number is established beyond any doubt. Man, feeling himself time out of mind dependent upon the heavenly powers, ever and everywhere made earth subject to heaven. The largest and brightest of the luminaries thus became in his sight the most important and highest of powers; such were the planets which the whole antiquity numbered as seven. In course of time these were transformed into seven deities. The Egyptians had seven original and higher gods; the Phœnicians seven kabiris; the Persians, seven sacred horses of Mithra; the Parsees, seven angels opposed by seven demons, and seven celestial abodes paralleled by seven lower regions. To represent the more clearly this idea in its concrete form, the seven gods were often represented as one seven-headed deity. The whole heaven was subjected to the seven planets; hence, in nearly all the religious systems we find seven heavens.
According to Kryon number 7 means to transmit to humankind the knowledge to generate profound individual and collective changes in consciousness.
We anchored sound Keys that assist in ending three dimensional consciousness activated the infinite codes of light consciousness, that is felt as the infinity spiralling down through the central core of the body.
So today the rare date of 9.9.2007 opens a multi dimensional gateway, and new energies will flow in from the universe to our planet earth. These energies allow us to make a quantum leap toward changing the universe from what it has been. A positive leap that will create a dual-directional energy flow to create a powerful spiral for spirituality to allow us to access the greater knowledge and allow us to have a more profound connection to our physical presence on the planet, this planet, our beloved planet earth. This has been an exceptional cosmic opportunity that we have been blessed to be a part of today. We intended not just for ourselves, but for the planet, and for the universe, that with this rare combination of 999, we stimulate such powerful forces of energy that the changes are foreseen to be eternal. A frequency that will allow humanity to open more completely to a new and different cycle which will last another 9 years when have will have another opportunity on the 9.9.2016. A complete change in human consciousness. We will begin to see more rapid awakenings among those that have not yet stepped into the higher states of consciousness. And many will be surprised at the sudden access to the higher gates of awareness of the higher dimensions.

No matter what you did on this day all the positive thoughts and actions will have had a profound effect on moving us into changing our known universe. You may feel nothing has changed... but everything will be changed and over the next 9 years we will see a constant rise in consciousness. We will see that through all the struggles and challenges that we will pass through as we accept these changes, humanity as a whole will cope in a more peaceful and graceful way as we create our new earth.

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