Thursday, 16 August 2007

Philip Street Astrologer/Energy Healer

Last week I had an astrology chart drawn up and interpretred by Philip, Mystic Astrologer, and regular LUXOR Light participant, what can I say it was very very enlightening, fun, and nurturing because you also get an energy sesssion to go with it! Fantastic! Here's a little info and details for contacting Phil.............
Drawing on over 20 years of pesonal growth, Philip uses a unique form of mystical astrology to assist others to know their life as a soul journey. He believes that this life is a culmination of many themes, which can be understood through the birthchart. These soul themes are asking for awareness and healing, so that the true purpose of bringing light into the current evolutionary process can be experienced.
In a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, he guides clients to understand and feel their individual energy paths . Sessions typically include energy healing in sacred space , where profound healing can occur.
Phil's psychic friends assure him that his work is overlighted by the Archangel Michael and the Goddess Isis.

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