Friday, 31 August 2007


We did it... we passed through that eye of the needle.... 22 Light Beings came together tonight prepared to release the baggage needed to pass through the eye of the needle and pass through they did. The group accepted the 22 strand DNA activation and aligned with Metatron, accepted the unlocking codes and are Well prepared for the quantum leaps about to present themselves to us, each of the participants tonight at varying degrees of initiation and experience stepped up to show they had the potential to accept and carry quantum amounts of Light and Knowledge.

It has been a busy few weeks with many accepting and activating Sound Keys through private one on one sessions. Some comments have been the feeling of elation and joy in the heart, visions of Ancient Egyptian or Atlantean times, sensations of great expansion and deep states of stillness.

Even this evening a first timer awakened to her lost knowledge and found herself to be an Encodement Key for the Sirian High Counsel proving how quickly the Keys integrate our lost past to bring us back to our gifts long lost since Atlantean times.


  1. Having the weirdest week Mum, feeling so 'nothing', unmotivated, uninspired... when can I have another healing?

  2. Let's get you motivated... tomorrow, or Friday... I'm all yours........clear days...must be for you because usually not a single space........let's do it


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