Sunday, 26 August 2007

Enter the Eye of the Needle

Wow what a strange couple of weeks it's been. The hurricane and the earthquake certainly stirred things up in me. I tend to mimic what's going on with the planet because of course we are one. So if you have had a strange time of late just be aware that you may be extra sensitive to the earth energies too. However, I didn't know until after the fact, as I'm not one to watch the news or read the newspapers. My mind was affected by the winds of the hurricane, even though it was on the other side of the world. It didn't matter how much I tried to stay "present", my mind was like a whirlwind, picking up all sorts of debri and throwing it around like a crazy person... I couldn't figure out what was going on it was so unlike me. (no jokes here please...) A fantastic lesson however as to how we create imbalance within our bodies. I had so much going on in my mind that I was fully aware was not 'real' that I managed to pull it into the emotional body where I experienced the most awful feeling of dread. My solar plexus was in such a state I had to take a day off and just try to sleep it off. It was on the next night in the colour workshop and over that weekend that I managed to release it. The Friday evening it began to release and on the Saturday I experienced the huge migraine like headache after receiving the new influx of Light after I had purged the remaining crap out of my mental and emotional bodies. Three days later it was brought to my awareness of the hurricane and earthquake.... and then it all made sense.
I was not the only one to feel it. Everyone in the colour workshop to differing degrees had felt it and others... however, I was still baffled because each of us were Pisces or March babies which seemed all a little too coincidental that so many of us pull together on that weekend and everyone that I talked to that experienced it was a Pisces. But sensitive little beings that we are may have been the reason it was so pronounced in each of us.
The earth is purging and cleansing in readiness for the New Influx of Light about to reach us in the upcoming Quantum Leap in September. Release release realease... allow yourself to feel the emotions, feel where they sit in your body, take notice of the thoughts that create them and see what lessons you are still releasing... for now you can say goodbye, it's time to let that old you go and take the leap of faith for what awaits you is Grand ................
Friday 31st August we have our first evening of preparation to the Sound Keys of Ascension. What a great time to take part in this, just before the quantum leap. Preparing yourself for the new knowledge and the rememberances of who you are. If you can't be there, tune at 19:30 hours wherever you are in the world 1+9+3+0=13 the hour for transformation. The evening will begin with a prayer through the Ancient Language of Light for opening the Heart and utilising Mantra throughout the evening for purpose of accessing these states.
There will be a prayer for aligning with Archangel Metatron, Prayer for preparation of receiving the sound keys, and unlocking codes to unlock the portals needed for accessing the hidden knowledge. We will be overlighted by Arch Angel Metatron, Lord Enoch and The Lord of Sirius.
So offload all the baggage and come pass through the eye of the needle.........

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