Monday, 2 July 2007


I'm off to Egypt on the 9th July and will be away until the 25th July. Purely a visit to do healing and possibly a quick trip to Israel to return to the Old City of Jeruselum for a couple of days. It's calling again, so if I can fit it in I will do a quick visit. Stay tuned for more information on what the trip is all about.
Dates to tune in are
11//07/2007= 27/9 reconnecting LUXOR Light and Luxor - accessing the peace it bestows on all and bringing life to your work in Service.
17/7/2007=33 global mission. A day to show compassion to others, a day with much power that we can harness in order to direct it toward global healing.
22/7/2007=38/11 A powerful spiritual presence moving lives to awakening the deeper aspects of ourselves and assisting Mother Earth in achieving her visions of healing...........A Holy day indeed!
Our latest practitioner weekend just finished was such a light filled experience once again, showing how the frequencies have lifted again and the up and coming practitioners are working to the highest levels.

Well done guys I don't know about you, but I'm still blissed out!

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  1. Have a wonderful time in Luxor. I love the place ... the temples ... the Nile ... the people. I feel at home there.
    I have not visited your blog for some time. For some reason I could not get you in my listings. Then one forgets ... you have a lovely blog.
    thank you for sharing.


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