Saturday, 2 June 2007

More Changes

With the new energies that we are activating at the moment there appears to be the symptoms of pain in the physical body once again. The Lower back is the main culprit for me at present and this is to do with the Desire Chakra activating. This chakra is Spiritual Body chakra and needs to be fully balanced aligned and activated in order to bring about manifestation. As we are moving into a new and higher aspect of Divine Manifestation you may feel discomfort in this chakra while the aspects of desire are becoming manifest.
It is also a time where some have made a choice to step up in a hurry to take their place in the new roles being offered to us. If you have been sitting on the fence for a while and all of a sudden made a leap and jumped in full steam, you may be feeling a lot of discomfort in the body including headaches, aches in the legs, nausea as well as the discomfort in the desire chakra. This is simply because the amount of Light you have taken in is more than your physical container is used to. Rest/sleep and drinking lots of fluids is the best way through the discomfort of this time.
Abruptly letting go of the old ways and releasing that which no longer serves you seems to be even more evident than before. No attachment, no judgement and a seemingly easy time of walking away.
Tiredness and it seems there just is not enough time to sleep and you can’t seem to get enough sleep.
We are moving into time where our desires will most certainly come into fruition in a very short space of time. Clear the clutter, simplify your life and be ready for the changes that are about to present themselves to you. Don’t be surprised if your life does a complete turnaround!

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