Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Way of the Cobra Part 3

In Part 1 we cleared the emotional debri held within the emotional body, and Part 2 we cleared the mental pathways to reach the Higher Mind, and we cleared and balanced the fifth dimension to bring the balanced male and female aspects within each of us. Now we look at awakening the serpents that may still be sleeping in the base of the spine waiting to drink in the elixir of light delivered through the channels of cosmic consciousness.
The two serpents seen rising up the Rod of Hermes became known as the Caduceus. It was originally a healing tool employed in the temples of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt and given to us by Hermes or the Ascended Master Thoth, the Egyptian scribe who was said to have created the blueprint to our reality which was based on sacred geometry. He was known as the “God of Equilibrium” and the “Master of Balance”.
Hermes Trismegistus - Thrice born or three times great.
Known as Thoth/Hermes, Akhenaton/Moses, Serapis/Enoch.
The way of the Serpent is not complete until we bring the balance of the two energies together and complete the process with the united male and female energies of all chakras. So, it could be said that we are actualising the way of the “Serpents” rather than Serpent, because without the yin and the yang we have naught to rise in consciousness
The wings on the Caduceus rod symbolise liberation of consciousness from duality. It also represents the DNA helix, which contains the crystalline frequency of which is the frequency of the Language of Light.
The Ancient Language of Light is the first language gifted to our planet. It is an angelic language with a lyrical harmony that is recognised by all Soul’s as all souls can speak it when they have awakened fully to their remembrance of Creation . It is the Mother Tongue of the Angels. It is recognised by all of us on an unconscious level as it speaks to the Soul. Many people will awaken to speaking it and signing it with their hands. The closest language on the earth here today is the language of Aramaic. This language was gifted to me this year as I fully awakened to my rememberance of Creation. As I speak this language it awakens you to your origin at the spark of Creation and triggers accelleration of your DNA to upgrade your communication frequencies for evolving consciousness and receiving information from other realms.
Once we have activated the way of the serpents and accessed the raising of the kundalini, we are able to tap into not only the Higher Mind, but the Cosmic Mind of which is represented by the wings often seen on the Rod of Hermes or the Caduceus because it symbolises the Christed consciousness once we have fully illumined the Mind and brought it into the heart.
We then become more complete, more real and we recognise our natural sensual spirituality in parts of ourselves that have been asleep or repressed.
As we utilise this energy that we have newly awakened within ourselves we are able to direct the energy upward and use it for pleasure, achieving our goals or even for manifesting and ultimately for our spiritual evolution/ascension.
Spirituality and sexuality are not separate as our innermost self becomes deeply integrated and united bringing a sense of divine balance and fulfilment within the Self.
As couples combine and channel the primordial, evolutionary force of the Kindalini energy, they begin to experience deeper levels of ecstasy created by the channelling of upward movement of Kundalini energy. This energy strengthens the auric field and prepares one to be able to hold a more vital energy field that creates an effect of youthing of the physical body.
Through this process it triggers an immense and powerful current of fire through your subtle bodies to clear any remaining Karma and impurities of the mind and body , and all this is achieved through the process of orgasmic splendour, and you are transported into the divine realms of consciousness.
Some physical signs that you have triggered kundalini energy can be a feeling of energy travelling along the spine, or progressing upwards in the body. Sometimes this may be experienced as tremors or activations that spontaneously begin to take place, or involuntary body movements and changes in breathing rhythms .
Sensory symptoms can be changes in body temperature like the hot sweats experienced more noticeably at night and then extreme cold. Electricity within the body, frequent or constant sexual arousal, headaches and pressure inside the head, tingling, vibrations and gastro-intestinal problems like irritable bowel.
Other symptoms can include psychological mood-swings, upheaval, stress, depression, moments of bliss, deep peace and other altered states of consciousness.
It activates the DNA and opens you more fully to your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Brings a feeling of connectedness and oneness with the Universe. You begin to feel more expanded within the mind and hold a larger thirst for the quest for higher awareness and knowledge. It becomes so much easier to step aside from the ego as you connect more fully with your higher frequency of thought and consciousness. You have a much stronger feeling of unconditional love, peace and connection with spirit.

Hermes holding the caduceus

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